Anne Heche Is In A Coma And Things Look Bad

Anne Heche is now in a coma following her recent automobile accident and the prognosis does not appear to be good.

By Matthew Creith | Published

Anne heche

Anne Heche may be best remembered for her acting career on television and in film, but it’s her personal struggles that have seemed to always get the most attention from fans. The actor is well known for her previous relationships as well as casting choices that have made her a target of late-night talk shows and gossip magazines for decades. Recently, Heche was involved in a car accident that left many wondering about her health and well-being. Now, it appears that her representatives are coming to her aid to dispel rumors about the actor’s condition, which seems quite dire.

Multiple witness videos caught the crash as it happened:

According to a report by Variety, Anne Heche is currently in a coma and is viewed to be in critical condition after a car crash in Los Angeles on August 5th. The actor’s representative previously noted that Heche was in stable condition but offered an update by labeling her state as “extremely critical.” Heche is hospitalized for the moment following the car accident where she plowed her Mini Cooper into a home in West Los Angeles. The vehicle exploded upon impact, and Heche was apparently burned in the process, which took place after a separate accident she was involved in earlier in the day.

Unfortunately for Anne Heche, this recent accident is not the first time the Six Days, Seven Nights actor created a media firestorm. In 2000, Heche parked her then car outside of the city of Fresno, California, and walked over a mile to a stranger’s house. According to People, Heche claimed to be God, and her behavior in the home became erratic enough that the homeowners called the police. She was taken to a nearby hospital and evaluated before being released a few hours later. She later claimed in her memoir that she had mental health concerns. Since then, the Tony-nominated performer has placed them in the rearview mirror, according to an interview she gave with CNN.

Anne Heche’s personal life has long been the subject of media scrutiny, despite her commitment to her work as an actor. She was once known for critically acclaimed movies like Donnie Brasco and Wag the Dog before moving on to horror films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and the remake of Psycho. Heche was once linked to comedian Ellen DeGeneres in a high-profile relationship that lasted several years until it ended in 2000, which may have ultimately sparked the incident outside of Fresno. This was apparently the only time she was in a relationship with a woman, as she had previous romances with actors Steve Martin and Richard Burgi. After her split from DeGeneres, Heche married Coley Laffoon and returned to her television roots by starring in ABC’s Men in Trees. It was on that series that she met James Tupper, whom she would date for over a decade after divorcing Laffoon, eventually ending her relationship with Tupper in 2018. Before this most recent car crash, Heche was preparing to promote her newest project, Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse.