Anne Hathaway’s Blockbuster Franchise Is Finally Getting A Threequel

By Ross Tyson | Published

Anne Hathaway may very well be returning for The Princess Diaries 3! The film, long rumored since the release of the second movie in the franchise, has been confirmed by Variety to be in development by Disney. But so far, Hathaway herself is unsure if she’ll return. 

The original 2001 film was a hit for Disney. Helmed by the legendary Gerry Marshall and adapted from the novel of the same name, The Princess Diaries hit all the right notes for a family film. Featuring a breakout performance by Anne Hathaway, the film also co-starred Julie Andrews and Sandra Oh. So what’s everyone expecting from the Princess Diaries 3?

Following the story of a nerdy American teen who learns she’s next in line for the monarchy of a small European country, the film was a light-hearted romp on the surface with a surprisingly deep message of breaking free from expectations. It came with fantastic jokes and a defining soundtrack for early 2000s Disney. The sequel followed a few years later, featuring Hathaway’s character trying to find her prince, but it’s unclear if Hathaway will return for The Princess Diaries 3.

primncess diaries 3
Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries (2001)

Ruling the country of Genovia can certainly leave someone with a busy schedule, and could potentially be used to explain Hathaway’s absence if she chooses not to return. While Variety’s report did mention that The Princess Diaries 3 would be a sequel and not a remake, audiences have learned time and time again that calling it a sequel doesn’t automatically make original cast come running back.

This seems to be the most pressing issue for Anne Hathaway, who has mentioned that she would love to return, but wants to do it with Julie Andrews by her side again. Andrews hasn’t responded with any comments about returning. Hathaway has said that with Andrews on board, there’s a very likely chance that Princess Diaries 3 would have an easier time getting production moving.

Princess Diaries 3 has a rare opportunity with over 20 years passing since the original. Hathaway has notably grown into her own as an actress, winning numerous awards for her performances in films like Rachel Getting Married and Les Miserables. The star could potentially bring a story connecting with those that grew up watching the original, giving perspective on not only the changes occurring globally but on an emotional level as well.

Whether or not Princess Diaries 3 ends up happening with the returning cast, Hathaway will keep on moving with the projects currently filling out her schedule. She has been attached to a Sesame Street film costarring Bo Burnham and Chance the Rapper, where she will help the residents get back home after being expelled from the neighborhood. Hathaway will also (hopefully) appear in writer and director Shane Carruth’s The Modern Ocean, where she will join an all star cast including Tom Holland and Daniel Radcliffe.