People Are Freaking Out Over Andrew Garfield Playing Frankenstein’s Monster

The news that Guillermo del Toro's Frankenstein will star Andrew Garfield as the monster caused a huge response on Twitter.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

andrew garfield

After our exclusive report, thanks to our trusted and proven sources, that Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Frankenstein movie for Netflix has cast Andrew Garfield, Twitter exploded. There’s no better way to describe the way fans took to our Twitter account and expressed their many feelings about the news. With nearly 3 million views and 7,000 quote Tweets, it’s clear that a lot of people approve of this casting scoop.

A lot of responses to the Frankenstein news were of course, memes. The combination of Guillermo del Toro, Andrew Garfield, and Oscar Isaac as the mad scientist elicited sheer joy in most of the responders. Which is understandable given del Toro’s success last year with Pinocchio, proving the legendary maestro of the weird still has it.

Once the initial Frankenstein casting news started to wear down, more responses started coming in focusing on what really matters: Andrew Garfield will be a hot animated corpse. Aaron Eckhart can take pride in this comparison to his box-office flop I, Frankenstein:

Other responders took issue with the casting, only because they thought the roles should be reversed. Frankenstein is a difficult role to play with one of the first actors, Boris Karloff, setting a high standard in managing to emote while acting like a towering undead monster. What if it was Oscar Isaac as the monster and Andrew Garfield as the crazed scientist?

To say that the overall sentiment around the Frankenstein news is positive would be an understatement. Despite concerns that Andrew Garfield is too small and doesn’t have the physical stature required for the imposing role, there’s widespread faith that the talented actor can pull it off. What the star can do, is mangle search results for fans typing in “Garfield Frankenstein.”

The internet is an amazing place. Some of the other comments talked about how Guillermo del Toro should make his version of Frankenstein a gothic love story, similar to his Oscar winning film The Shape of Water. If that’s the case, would the romance be between Andrew Garfield and one of the villagers, or would it take a page from Young Frankenstein and introduce a love interest for the real monster of the story?

Right now the only people that know aren’t saying anything publicly about the film. It could be a re-telling of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic tale of horror, or it could interpret the story into a modern setting. Either way, Frankenstein is a classic and Andrew Garfield is going through a career renaissance thanks to his recent Golden Globe winning performance in the musical Tick, Tick….Boom and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Once the most hated Peter Parker actor following The Amazing Spider-Man duology, Frankenstein could continue Andrew Garfield’s recent winning streak. Garfield’s amazing charisma, and his chemistry with the other two Peter Parkers, has even led fans to ask for a third Amazing Spider-Man film.

By sticking to the original story version, which does not have the bolts in the neck or flat-top hairstyle of the classic Universal Pictures film, Guillermo del Toro’s vision will stand out. An accurate portrayal of Frankenstein, one of the many things fans on Twitter are excited for, would serve to further boost Andrew Garfield’s career. Make sure to follow the Giant Freakin Robot Twitter account, and keep your eyes peeled here, for any more breaking news.