See Ana De Armas As An Untraceable CIA Agent In First Look At Her New Movie

Ana de Armas has given fans a look at her upcoming character, Dani Miranda, in the new spy thriller movie coming out soon, The Gray Man.

By James Brizuela | Published

ana de armas

Ana de Armas is certainly a busy woman. She recently appeared in a film with Ben Affleck called, Deep Water. The film was a dark thriller that saw her play the promiscuous wife of Ben Affleck. She is also set to be the starring role of Norma Jean in Blonde; Jean is otherwise known as Marilyn Monroe. That film was recently hit with a dreaded NC-17 rating. Now the stunning actress has taken to her Instagram to show herself off as a CIA agent in the film. Armas will take on the role of Dani Miranda. You can see the image below:

The caption written by Ana de Armas is that this character she portrays is “untraceable.” We don’t want to nitpick here, but anyone wearing a coat that loud would not be untraceable. That’s not to say that the woman doesnt look gorgeous, as she always does, it’s just a very noticeable jacket. The Gray Man is a spy thriller that Armas will be appearing in alongside Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Billy Bob Thorton, and Regé-Jean Page, just to name a few. The film follows the hunt for a CIA operative Court Gentry (Gosling), who uncovers dark secrets and is now being hunted by a psychopathic colleague, Lloyd Hansen (Evans), and the agency that employs him. The film is set to debut on Netflix on July 22nd. There have only been small clips offered in the form of Netflix’s movie previews. You can see the quick clip of Ryan Gosling in the film below:

Gosling’s character seems to be banged up and, on a train, likely being hunted by Chris Evans’ character, and whoever else might be after him. The details surrounding Evans’ character paint the man as a sociopathic rival of Gentry, who will likely stop at nothing to catch his former colleague. Further details about how Ana de Armas factors into the movie are that she is a CIA agent by the name of Dani Miranda. Miranda is said to be on the along with Gentry, and the pair must now fend for themselves when the espionage world is after them. There are no other details about how Miranda gets mixed up with Gentry. Quite honestly, she looks fantastic. Her short hair also looks great, though it could be a wig. Not a wig for the movie, but a wig for her character.

On top of Blonde and The Gray Man, Ana de Armas is also appearing in a romantic comedy, also with Chris Evans, called Ghosted. As previously stated, she is quite a busy woman. Her acting career has taken off in the absolute best way. See Armas kick some international espionage butt when The Gray Man comes out on July 22nd on Netflix. The film will also hit theaters on July 15th. So, if you can’t wait to see this excitable-looking spy film on a streaming platform, you have the option to see it earlier in theaters.