See Ana De Armas As A Blond In Her New Movie With Chris Evans

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

ana de armas deep water

Ana de Armas is currently very busy with her acting pursuits. Her newest film called Deep Water is currently available to stream on Hulu. She stars in that film alongside Ben Affleck. Armas is not done appearing next to heavy-hitting actors, as she was shown in a behind-the-scenes pic offered up by Chris Evans. Evans took to his Instagram to show off a “family” picture from the upcoming film, Ghosted. What is most interesting is that we get to see Armas rocking a new blond hairdo for the film. You can see the pic below:

There is not much known about the plot of Ghosted, other than it is a romantic comedy by the screenwriters who worked on the Deadpool films. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have both written the pair of Deadpool films and are set to return to write Deadpool 3. They apparently pitched the idea of Ghosted to Skydance Media. They also had Dexter Fletcher tapped to direct. The famed director is responsible for Eddie the Eagle, Rocketman, and is also going to be directing Sherlock Holmes 3. Once Ghosted had received the go-ahead Evans was meant to originally star in the film next to Scarlett Johansson, however, she had a scheduling conflict taht resulted in her dropping out. Ana de Armas was tasked to take her place. Clearly, things are chugging along for the upcoming AppleTV+ film.

Ana de Armas joins Chris Evans, Amy Sedaris, Adrien Brody, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tate Donovan. The high-level cast is also joined by a celebrated director and screenwriters. AppleTV+ just picked up an Oscar for their film, CODA, and it seems as if they are going all-in on future projects that include a lot of star power. This new film could be that as well. While comedies don’t typically win Best Picture awards, the streaming service can be taken more seriously as a hub for great films. They are the first streaming service to land a Best Picture award.

ana de armas

The fact that Ana de Armas has blond hair in the film could just be due to her wanting that color of hair currently. She is normally sporting black or darkened hair, but it’s great to see her have a lighter look. Also, she is appearing as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film, Blonde. This hair color could be due to her loving the look that she was a part of for her portrayal of Norma Jean. This, of course, is just speculation for her sporting a new look in the Ghosted behind-the-scenes pic that Chris Evans posted.

Ghosted is currently filming and this could mean that we get to see Chris Evans and Ana de Armas appearing alongside one another later this year on Apple TV+. It appears as if Armas and Evans are cultivating quite a working relationship with one another. Since they both appeared in Knives Out, they are working on Ghosted right now and an upcoming film called The Gray Man, which is set to premiere in July. Evans might have been instrumental in bringing Armas in when Johansson dropped out. Either way, she looks fantastic with blond hair.