Ana De Armas’ Marilyn Monroe Praised By Unexpected Source

Ana de Armas has evolved herself into quite the actress, and she recently garnered some fantastic praise for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in the film Blonde.

By James Brizuela | Published

Ana de armas

It’s not often that an author sees their adapted work and praises the television show or film that has adapted it. We are not saying that never happens, but authors tend to be disappointed by some aspects of the adaptation. That is not the case for the Ana de Armas-led biopic about Marilyn Monroe called Blonde. The author of the book used to adapt the film, Joyce Carol Oates, has stated the adaptation succeeded greatly. According to Oates, “Andrew Dominik is a very brilliant director. I think he succeeded in showing the experience of Norma Jeane Baker from her perspective, rather than see it from the outside, the male gaze looking at a woman. He immersed himself in her perspective.”

Oddly enough, the Blonde film has been bridled in controversy, after it was given the NC-17 rating, which usually is a death sentence for films. However, it is going to be released on Netflix, and this is the first time the streaming platform has allowed a rating of that nature to be streamed. Blonde could be the trial run to see if further properties of the NC-17 nature will be accepted. Ana de Armas is a fantastic actress, so it stands to reason that she put her all into the role of portraying Norman Jeane Baker aka Marilyn Monroe. Oates had also praised the performance of Armas, saying she was “wonderful” in the film. She also stated that it was hard to see the difference between Armas and Monroe after the actress had transformed into the icon.

As previously stated, Ana de Armas is surely a fantastic actress. She continues to garner substantial roles, and portraying Marilyn Monroe might be the one to get Armas some Academy Award recognition. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of Best Actress for her role in Knives Out. Getting an Oscar nomination is just next on the list for the woman. Apart from appearing in Blonde, her current film is also on Netflix and is an action thriller called The Gray Man. She stars alongside Ryan Gosling and
Chris Evans in an espionage film that looks quite exciting. That film is already out on the streaming platform.

Ana de Armas has been cultivating a great career for herself for consistently appearing in films that test her acting talent. She is constantly evolving herself within the roles that she has accepted. She has appeared in so many great films alongside some of the best acting talents in the world. Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves, Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, Knives Out with Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, and the rest of that huge ensemble cast. If she can make a believer out of the author of the Marilyn Monroe book, she can make a believer out of us all. Well, if she can make a believer out of Netflix for appearing in an NC-17 film, that is a huge deal too.

Blonde will be debuting on Netflix on September 23, 2023. The film stars Ana de Armas, Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Brody, Julianne Nicholson, Garret Dillahunt, Rebecca Wisocky, and many more. The film is meant to take on the life of Marilyn Monroe. However, it will show the icon’s struggle of dealing with a tumultuous past to become one of the biggest cultural icons of our generation.