Fans Are Suing Because Ana De Armas Didn’t Appear In A Movie

By Nathan Kamal | 4 months ago

Fans of Cuban-Spanish actor Ana De Armas have filed a lawsuit because Ana De Armas did not appear in a film she was advertised as being in. To be specific, two fans have put together this legal case. Conor Woulfe and Peter Michael Rosza both rented the 2019 film Yesterday on Amazon for the price of about $3.99. While a trailer for the film indicated that Ana De Armas would be in the movie, her scenes were ultimately cut from the final edit. The consumer protection class-action lawsuit filed by the pair essentially alleges that Universal Pictures engaged in deceptive practices by implying the presence of the actor. The lawsuit seeks the court to award $5 million in damages. 

The film Yesterday was released in 2019 and was helmed by British director Danny Boyle. The basic premise of the movie was “we all know that The Beatles exist, but this film presupposes..what if they didn’t?” It starred Himesh Patel as a struggling musician who gets hit by a bus and wakes up in a world where the famed Liverpool band never existed. Using his knowledge of The Beatles’ song catalog, Patel’s character rockets to superstardom, Ed Sheehan appears for some reason, and things kind of just end up okay for everyone. The film was moderately successful, and sort of came and went. Key to this lawsuit, though, Ana De Armas was at one point cast as a love interest for Patel. However, the filmmakers felt that her scenes did not test well with audiences and they were removed before wide theatrical release. 

For context, removing Ana de Armas is in no way unusual. Filmmaking is a complex, ongoing process and often, even very famous actors are cut from the final version of a film. Harrison Ford was cut from E.T.: The Extraterrestrial. Paul Rudd was edited out of Bridesmaids. More famous people were cut from Terrence Malick’s war epic The Thin Red Line than actually appear in most films.

Ana de Armas No Time to Die

According to the lawsuit filed by Woulfe and Rosza, however, Yesterday was maliciously using the “fame, radiance and brilliance” of Ana De Armas to promote the film. The idea is that the other actors in the film were not famous enough to interest audiences, and only De Armas would do. 

Now, while they do not star in the film, The Beatles are pretty famous as a subject. Director Danny Boyle has won multiple Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs. The writer of the film, Richard Curtis, is legendary for writing and/or directing Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually, Notting Hill, and many other movies and TV shows. Himesh Patel starred in the massively popular British show Eastenders, and in short, there were a lot of famous people involved here. So we’ll just have to see what comes of a lawsuit like this. For her part, Ana De Armas recently actually appeared in the latest James Bond film No Time to Die and the Rian Johnson mystery Knives Out (which Netflix greenlit a sequel for). She will also appear in a Netflix biopic of Marilyn Monroe, entitled Blonde.