American Pie Star Is Tired Of Being Offered Free Food By Fans

Eugene Levy is glad that people now ask him about Schitt's Creek, instead of American Pie fans that would always get him pies at every restaurant he visited.

By Mark McKee | Published

Eugene Levy in American Reunion

Eugene Levy has one of the most recognizable faces on television thanks to his Emmy Award-winning performance on his family-run and acted series, Schitt’s Creek. But he isn’t new to the industry in any way; he spent years as the flustered and overly helpful father to Jason Bigg’s lead character in the American Pie franchise. According to The Guardian, his long-running role wasn’t all wholesome advice, as he revealed he got really sick of people giving him free apple pie as a joke. 

In an interview with the publication, the veteran actor in his 70s revealed that after he became known as Jim’s Dad, he called the effect a bit tedious as he was given free apple pie in virtually every restaurant he visited. He conceded that it was a funny gag, but it happened a lot, and he seems glad it is over. While Jack Gleeson quit acting because his role on Game of Thrones caused people to hate him, Eugene Levy was getting free food; guess everyone suffers differently. 

American Pie put Levy on the map when his sage advice caused virtually every wholesome moment in the franchise, from the time he tried to give his son guidance about sex to the moment Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) went to him for advice as well. He became for movies what John Goodman, Reginald Vel Johnson, and James Avery did for TV. He was the dad we all wanted and the one we looked to in times of need. 

Even though he was the wholesome dad with the excellent advice (albeit delivered through flustered rambles) in American Pie, his role on Schitt’s Creek is slightly different. After he uses his vast fortune to create a spoiled rotten family, it is all taken away when they have to move to a tiny town, living in a motel he happens to own. His family doesn’t react well to the change in status and attempts to remove themselves constantly until they find reasons to make the best of their new situation. 

Schitt's Creek cast
Eugene Levy in Schitt’s Creek

Where Jim’s Dad is always ready to guide the teenagers who need him on American Pie, his Schitt’s Creek character Jonny Rose seems to be ready to blow under the surface constantly. He regularly becomes flummoxed at his spoiled family’s inability to navigate everyday tasks. 

Eugene Levy is a brilliant writer, actor, and producer that tends to gravitate toward Christopher Guest’s projects, including A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration. Even though he has collaborated with him on multiple occasions, his best-known projects involve him being a father of a family. Although, he seems to play them exceptionally well, even if they feel like polar opposites. 

Regardless of the annoyance of fans presenting him with baked goods in honor of seeing his on-screen son performing sexual acts with one, it can’t be the worst way to go through life. Free food is never a bad thing, in most people’s opinion.