American McGee’s Alice Is Becoming A Twisty TV Series

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

american mcgee's alice

For fans of both gaming and the Alice in Wonderland story, a new and exciting television series adaptation is set to be in the works soon. The television series is based on the popular video game called American McGee’s Alice which was first released in 2000. The video game was developed by Rogue Entertainment and published through Electronic Arts. However, the creativity and idea for the game itself was through the talented mind of American McGee. McGee’s imagination and talent has been recognized, and a new series will take a deeper look at the storyline of the game. 

There seems to be a lot of talent involved with the new TV series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Hayter will be a part of American McGee’s Alice TV show adaptation. Hayter’s name is attached to the X-Men franchise as a writer for the first two X-Men feature-length films. American McGee also couldn’t contain his excitement to have David Hayter involved in the project. According to MovieWeb, McGee expressed his feelings towards Hayter saying, “I am excited to be working with him and know the Alice fans will welcome him with mad affection.” And according to The Hollywood Reporter in a statement, Hayter also had a few comments about having the opportunity to bring such an intriguing plot to fans and audiences around the world. “…I am beyond excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a global audience.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV series itself will try to follow closely to the plot behind American McGee’s Alice. The series will start with the character Alice returning from The Looking Glass, but her family had died in a house fire. After being committed to a mental institution, the White Rabbit takes Alice back to Wonderland where she faces grim and gory escapades, according to the publication. 

American McGee’s Alice has a darker twist based on the famous novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. According to ScreenRant, the storyline of the successful video game is that Alice’s family was killed in a tragic house fire, which left her traumatized both mentally and emotionally. It is a rather grim take on the original creative and adventurous plot written by Carroll. 

There have been other adaptations of the classic tale throughout Hollywood. In 2010, the movie titled, Alice in Wonderland was released and directed by Tim Burton. The film made over a billion dollars in the box office. The original Disney adaptation was also called Alice in Wonderland, which was released in 1951. Fans and audiences seem to have an interest in the creative and imaginative world of Wonderland.

It will be interesting to see an adaptation based on the grim video game American McGee’s Alice, rather than based fully on the Lewis Carroll novel. The plot will definitely have an interesting take on the characters like Alice herself, but with a talented writer such as Hayter, there will be a lot of excitement to see the final product.