Amber Heard Accused Of Faking An Aquaman 2 Workout Photo

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

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Amber Heard is going to be playing Mera in Aquaman 2. Right? Well, maybe not so fast and there are some discrepancies in a recent social media posting by the actress that have some thinking her future is in doubt in the franchise. It appears the actress might not have been totally truthful in something she posted recently that suggested she was getting ready for the sequel. In fact, she might have used an old photo to show her working out for the next movie. 

Recently Amber Heard posted a photo on her Instagram that had her working out in what she said was preparation for the upcoming Aquaman 2. The post is unambiguous in this way with the actress in the gym putting in work along with the hashtags #aquaman2 and #workoutsongs. It could only be interpreted that she was prepping for the next film in the DC franchise. 

But some have called into question whether this post wasn’t entirely truthful and could be a picture from some time ago, reappropriated for the here and now. YouTuber The Umbrella Guy who admittedly can be definitely labeled anti-Amber Heard, had a few things to say about her recent picture and what it could actually mean for her potential role in Aquaman 2 moving forward. 

You can watch his eight-minute YouTube video here detailing some of what he’s seeing around this Amber Heard story and why he thinks the recent Instagram photo should be called into question. 

The Umbrella Man goes out of his way to not mention Amber Heard by name in his video but does go into why he thinks this recent Instagram photo isn’t on the up-an-up from the actress. Most notably, he compares how she looks in this picture to her look and style from a few years ago when she was preparing for the original Aquaman movie. 

He then references a post back from 2017 which has Amber Heard also working out, holding on to Jason Momoa’s boots. In this post, she’s wearing nearly identical outfits to what we see in the recent one with the same exact hairstyle. There’s even some of the same pink highlight shading in her hair. This has led some to believe that she just repurposed an old photo for prep work on this new movie. 

Now The Umbrella Man uses the similarities in the photos to detail why he thinks this means that Amber Heard is being removed from Aquaman 2 and what it means for the franchise. That’s likely a bridge a bit too far on the rumor mill. By all accounts, the actress is firmly entrenched in the franchise moving forward, even getting a slightly bigger role in the recent Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But there has been just enough uncertainty around what’s to come that there’s always a chance she’s not continuing in the DC Extended Universe.

With the recent high-profile legal proceedings including her and ex-husband Johnny Depp, more than a few have called for Amber Heard’s ouster from the franchise. It’s unlikely to happen though. In the meantime, maybe she can just post a definitively new workout picture to stop the rumor mill from churning.