Amber Heard Thinks WB Is Out To Get Her?

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

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Amber Heard continues to make news on almost a daily/ weekly basis which is pretty amazing considering she hasn’t been on-screen in a blockbuster film since 2018 and basically just did a television miniseries in between. But such is the way with an actress embroiled in almost continuous *controversy* thanks to her previous marriage and all the trials (literally) and tribulations along with it. The latest from insider Daniel Richtman is that Heard thinks that Warner Bros might be the ones at the heart of her current issues. 

According to this recent rumor, Amber Heard is putting the blame for her negative press run through the rumor mill at the feet of Warner Bros. Her contention is that the the studio is spreading false claims about her being fired in an effort to actually make her quit the upcoming Aquaman 2 production. In this way they are hoping for the “you can’t fire me, because I quit” outcome in order to be done with the whole story. It’s a bold claim though maybe easy to see why Heard could start to believe this kind of thing. 

Obviously, Amber Heard and her status as Queen Mera in the DC Extended Universe, specifically regarding the planned sequel for Aquaman, has been an issue since the summer. It was then that she wrapped up a very public and very embarrassing libel case brought by ex-husband Johnny Depp against the British tabloid The Sun. He was contending that their use of the word “wife-beater” to describe him was false, but then they went ahead and proved it was true. 

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This case led to Johnny Depp being fired from both the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them sequel as well as a cameo on the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. He’s yet to secure a new gig yet though he’s been “linked” to a number of different parts. It’s tough to see him taking part in much for at least the short term. Many expected that the negative press fallout from the case would lead to an Amber Heard ouster from DC, but that turned out to not be the case and the studio couldn’t find quite the reason to let her go. 

But could Warner Bros be part of all the rumors around Amber Heard being fired? Keeping her name dragged through the mud in an effort to just make her give up and quit the production thereby making their own studio life easier? Maybe that was the impetus for the recent rumors around Emilia Clarke taking over the role? If they drummed up enough support for a new face in the role, maybe Heard would leave of her own volition. It’s a crazy claim, though these days it’s easy to believe almost anything. 

Whatever happens with Amber Heard and Queen Mera, there’s no doubt the studio can’t be happy with all of the negative press already drummed up from the whole Johnny Depp saga. Officially, Aquaman 2 hasn’t been greenlit yet though it’s definitely in the DC pipeline. If the last six months are any indication, we aren’t done with the Amber Heard rumors quite yet. 

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