Amber Heard Video Gets Almost 300,000 Dislikes

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

amber heard

Amber Heard is having one of the weirdest years on record and that’s saying something considering this is 2020 and all. But the actress, coming off a summer from hell with her ex-husband, is still running up against negative campaigns leveled against her. And in the latest dust-up (if that’s the best word for it), Heard is featured in a YouTube video reflecting on the past year. To say it’s getting ratioed is an understatement. As of this writing, the video had more than 300,000 dislikes and more than 100,000 comments (do yourself a favor and don’t read them). 

Here’s the minute video with Amber Heard talking about “adapting” and “surviving” the year that was 2020:

The video, a clip from part of an interview with Access Hollywood, details some of Amber Heard’s most recent work including her part in The Stand, a miniseries on the platform. In it, she laments partly on the year that passed but also how the new show overlaps some of what this year has brought for people. 

The video is posted on the Access Hollywood Youtube account which has more than one million subscribers. It’s been viewed more than 1.7 million times which at a quick glance through their feed, is significantly more than almost anything else the channel has put out so far. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the viewer and dislike numbers are at a minimum, an outlier. 

For whatever your feelings on her situation, there’s no denying Amber Heard has had a tumultuous year. Over the summer she was mired in a much-publicized court case involving her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The case, a lawsuit filed by Depp against the British tabloid The Sun stemmed from the publication calling the actor a “wife-beater” in his relationship with Heard. He sued for libel. The Sunu countered that what they said was true. The ensuing court case, in which Heard was called to testify, was a gross and disturbing referendum on the two Hollywood stars’ bizarre, brutal and short-lived marriage. The Sun was exonerated when enough evidence was presented, detailing Depp’s abusive behavior (both physical and mental) towards Heard and the case was dismissed. 

Amber Heard

The fallout from the case has remained in the public eye though. Johnny Depp was fired from roles in both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. Meanwhile, Amber Heard retained her gig in Aquaman though there has been most-definitely a push among folks (Depp fans?) to remove her from that production. A petition calling for her ouster as Queen Mera is approaching two million signatures on 

But are these almost viral responses to Amber Heard the real thing or the work of either bots or a coordinated campaign on the part of persons unknown (Depp?)? Amber Heard sure thinks so with her camp claiming the numbers are being artificially inflated in a targeted effort to discredit the actress. 

The recent response to the video does appear to probably be inflated and/or fabricated in some way simply because it’s somewhat difficult to imagine *this* much public outcry over the actress. That being said, there are plenty of Johnny Depp fans out there who likely feel the actor was slighted/ misportrayed in the relationship. Best guess is it’s some combination of the two with plenty of Amber Heard haters out there as well as some possible online shenanigans.