See Amber Heard Unable To Sit Down Because Her Costume Is Too Tight

Amber Heard had a very tight costume to deal with in Justice League.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

amber heard

Amber Heard got to star in DC films and is now in a prominent role that is going to star in future films as well. Well, now that sounds like an opportunity that is too good to be passed up but wait until you see Amber Heard’s recent Instagram video post that details the biggest peril of starring in a superhero film: wearing costumes that are so tight that she is unable to sit down!

Yes, that’s true. While Mera looked like an absolute Goddess in Justice League (Zack Snyder’s or Joss Whedon’s, take your pick) and moved about with absolute grace, in reality, the picture was rather different. As we know, Amber Heard entered the DC Extended Universe via the film’s theatrical cut back in 2017. But the recently released Snyder Cut gave the character more scenes (and a brand new accent) and that meant shooting more scenes for which Heard had to wear her Mera costume yet again. 

While her fight against Darkseid’s minion, the scary Steppenwolf worked out perfectly, Amber Heard’s battle to attain a sitting position in her trailer in Mera’s costume wasn’t exactly a success as proven by her recent, to be precise her 1000th Instagram post. In her caption, she denotes that Mera is all “beauty and she’s grace” but her hilarious video presents the difficulties the elegantly badass-looking costume brings with itself: the inability to move. 

But thankfully, Amber Heard didn’t have to wear the Atlantean costume for long as the only new scenes she shot for Zack Snyder’s Justice League was the brief Knightmare sequence at the very end of the film. Though all her scenes in the film before the ending were in the water, thus hiding the ways the costume hinders her movements, even the Knightmare part involved very little walking for Mera as the evil Superman, under Darkseid’s rule, soon arrives waking Bruce Wayne from his nightmare. 

Amber Heard’s costume in the standalone Aquaman appeared far more comfortable given that it appeared to have removed the heavy and stiff armor plating she wears in Justice League

Amber Heard Aquaman

But such elaborate costumes are always uncomfortable to wear no matter how less heavy it is. For example, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films appears very glamorous and action-ready compared to Amber Heard’s attire in the DC Extended Universe films, but even it had its share of problems. During a 2012 episode of ABC’s Nightline, the actress shared that her outfit became a “wetsuit” mere hours into filming and she even “hallucinated” while wearing it. The suit was so tight and impractical that Johansson felt like they were made of tires that had to be frequently replaced. And the relaxed feeling every new costume brought with itself never lasted for long as the uneasiness always returned. 

But no matter what the difficulties are actors like Amber Heard and Scarlet Johansson charge on and don’t let an ounce of their discomfort become apparent on camera even as they engage in fierce battles against baddies, appearing all kinds of suave and graceful. 

Amber Heard is all set to reprise her role as the brave Atlantean warrior Mera in Aquaman 2, which is set to begin filming in June this year.