Amber Heard Offered Multi-Million Dollar Role In X-Rated Movie

By Joshua Jones | Published

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Amber Heard has lost a lot after her lengthy trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The actress has already been rumored to have lost significant screen time in the upcoming DC film Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. On top of that, she has reportedly lost millions and trust from those higher up in the industry. However, it appears the actress may have found some silver lining in all this as news has come out that an adult entertainment business has offered her a mullion dollar role to star in a sexy X-rated movie. The agency, Zen Models, is said to be willing to pay the actress $9 million to star in the upcoming project.

The actual contract is reported to be worth $8 million and includes an additional $1 million donation to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. This would barely cover the debt Amber Heard owes to Johnny Depp and wouldn’t get her back into featuring in major tent pole films. Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, allegedly received a letter from the President of Zen Models, Veronica Madjarian, about the details of the contract. Apparently, she is willing to help Heard settle her debt as long as the actress willing to appear in the X-rated film.

The letter reads: “Zen Models is an adult modeling agency and production company. We’ve been in contact with a group of adult film production companies that are interested in offering Ms Heard a contract to perform in an adult entertainment video production.”

Interestingly, the President stated that she had watched Heard’s trial unfold and believed the actress was “a naïve young lady.” Of course, this aligns with how many felt about Amber Heard post-trial, as she has turned into the abuser rather than the victim. Meanwhile, Depp has already been rumored to have been offered $300 million to star in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film for Disney. Vanity Fair has already shot down that rumor, saying it “was made up.” Still, it does show how much goodwill Depp may be getting out of the situation compared to Heard. The actress reportedly got the backing of her fellow Aquaman co-stars regarding her being kept in the upcoming sequel, so perhaps she still has some people within the industry who trust her.

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As to whether or not Amber Heard will end up taking this X-Rated gig, that all depends if she could settle up with Depp in due time. Although she countersued for $100 million, she was awarded just $2 million after the judge found that he made defamatory comments about her. Even her judge has admitted that she can’t afford to pay all the damages awarded to her ex-husband, so perhaps this is one of the few silver linings for the actress. Also, this isn’t the first time Heard has been linked to something considered X-Rated. On June 20th, a TikTok uploader claimed that the actress had launched an OnlyFans account. However, it was later discovered that the actress was not affiliated with the account in any way. There’s also the talk about her shopping at a TJ Maxx not long ago, with many calling the actress out for her spending habits.

With so many pondering about the finances of the Aquaman star, perhaps taking the X-Rated role would not be in her best interest. As of this writing, the superhero sequel is the actress’ only major film coming up, and she doesn’t have anything else coming down the pike. The film wasn’t showcased during last month’s DC Comic-Con presentation. One could speculate that with the change in leadership happening in Warner Bros., Heard won’t appear in any more DC projects after the Aquaman sequel. If the actress loses her gig at Warner Bros., what else does Amber Heard have?