Amber Heard Getting A Solo Superhero Movie?

By Doug Norrie | Published

Amber Heard still appears firmly entrenched in the DC Extended Universe. After months of speculation around her role going forward, based on the ongoing issues with the public nature of hers and Johnny Depp’s embroiled legal battles, it wasn’t clear where the studio would land. But it looks like she’s here to stay with insider Daniel Richtman reporting that Heard is discussing a solo movie for her Mera character. 

It’s not totally clear what kind of movie this would look like or what the timeline would be for the film. Obviously, it would exist in the same relative dominion as Aquaman, namely, the sea, but there are a lot of ways to make a solo movie about the character. Some of this will extend from what happens in the next Aquaman movie, Necrus. There is word that Amber Heard will be more prominently featured in that film which could lead to a way to splinter off their stories and get her a solo film.

The other way to take Amber Heard in a solo movie around Mera would be to go back to something of an origin story for the character. There would be a few hurdles to clear with this kind of thing, namely having to de-age her at some point. But that’s become less and less of an issue over the years with CGI technology able to handle a lot of that fairly easily now. That being said, I think an origin story is less likely considering how the DC Extended Universe continues to expand. Considering she’s already set in the franchise, there isn’t as much reason to go back in time with a film. 

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Amber Heard getting a Mera solo movie continues DC’s push to really bolster the superhero roster they have going right now. After the run of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, it was clear there was still an appetite for these characters in some respect. And Warner Bros. does have a number of new characters coming down the pike with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in production and a solo movie for Ezra Miller’s The Flash as well. Plus there’s The Suicide Squad reboot, a Shazam! sequel and a whole host of other characters coming into the mix. 

Of course, the biggest issue surrounding Amber Heard right now is her ongoing legal battles with ex-husband Johnny Depp. Over the summer they were locked in a trial that brought out some of the seedier details of their relationship. In the end, Depp lost gigs in a number of different upcoming movies. Heard didn’t suffer the same fate, but there was a contingent of fans who wanted to see her ouster as well. 

That isn’t going to be the case and Amber Heard appears set with DC Extended Universe going forward. And that looks like it’s going to mean a Mera solo movie. We will have to wait for further details around the timing of this film and Aquaman 2 will likely shed some light on the intended direction, but there’s no doubt that Amber Heard is here to stay with DC.