Amber Heard Teaming Up With Aquaman Director For New Movie?

By Tristan Zelden | 15 seconds ago

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Amber Heard (Aquaman) is currently filming her next outing for the DC sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom with co-star Jason Momoa (Sweet Girl) and director James Wan (Malignant). According to We Got This Covered, the actress wants to join forces with the filmmaker for a horror film.

In the report, Amber Heard is talking with The Conjuring director about doing another project together that is much spookier than superheroes and fish. It is difficult to judge as there is not much meat there to go off of, but it would not be too surprising as the two have already collaborated on two DC movies, so why not continue that professional relationship to other movies?

The schedule for Amber Heard is not too busy. Outside of her legal battle against her ex-husband Johnny Depp (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald), she does not have too many other movies in her future. As production continues to roll forward for the second Aquaman, she only has one other project listed. She will star in the romance thriller Run Away with Me by director Fred Grivois (15 Minutes of War) and writer Matthew Cirulnick (Rambo: Last Blood).

Amber Heard

Outside of his work with Amber Heard, James Wan has had a huge career in horror with the Saw and Conjuring franchises, and he continues to be the architect of both as he continues to produce the plethora of sequels and spinoffs both have conjured up. Outside of producing a bunch of projects, he will direct the series Archive 81. On the film side, he will co-direct Insidious: The Dark Realm with Adam Robitel (Escape Room) and debut filmmaker Roman Whannell. His busy schedule to juggle different shows and moves in various positions from producer and director could take up time away from working with Amber Heard again, but with how frequently he releases movies, it should not be a problem for the horror veteran.

Pressure on the cast and crew of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has grown by keeping Amber Heard as her scaly red-headed character Mera. The problems with her relationship with Johnny Depp have poured into her professional life as fans petitioned for her to be fired from the project. As it has not swayed James Wan or the rest of the team from collaborating with her, it could be possible to see the two rejoin forces one day in something else, like a horror movie.

While it has weighed on Amber Heard, the public battle with Johnny Depp has affected his career even more profoundly. He has effectively been blacklisted by Hollywood as he has been claimed to be abusive toward his ex-wife. He claims that she is the one that is abusive, which has made both the legal war more complicated and the relationship with fans as people are torn on which side to take, although it appears most take the side of Depp.

Whether this report comes out to something or not, people can watch the Jason Momoa and Amber Heard sequel on December 16, 2022.