Amber Heard Becoming A Disney Princess?

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

amber heard disney princess

Amber Heard sounds like she is being considered for every role under the sun these days. From being rumored to taking on a role in Star Wars to being considered for the Fantastic Four, she seems more popular than ever. We even have heard that she will be taking over for Jason Momoa after Justice League: Director’s Cut. Even though she seems to have her detractors, the actress also seems more popular than ever. And there is yet another role to add to her potential acting future.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Amber Heard has talked to Disney about starring in the live-action Rapunzel movie (assumed to be a remake of Tangled) that the Mouse House is developing. According to Richtman, Heard is personally interested in the role. Considering that she has been rumored with possible involvements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and Margot Robbie’s reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean, it sounds like she is very determined to work with Disney in some prominent way. Could she be souring a bit on her experience with Warner Bros. and wants to jump ship over to Disney? they seem to have been very supportive of her considering all of the animosity she has been subjected to.

One has to wonder if Amber Heard is trying to jumpstart a new stretch of her career. After her very public issues with ex-husband Johnny Depp, she might be on a very deliberate path to career revitalization. It sounds like she wants to nab a high-profile role that will put her front and center in the pop culture conversation. It would certainly give her a chance to make the press rounds at maximum warp and field any questions people have about her personal affairs. This could be a very specific tactical approach and a smart one.

amber heard

Would Amber Heard make a good Rapunzel? Maybe! It is pretty shocking to see Disney already going to the remake well to a movie that released ten years ago. Will audiences even be on board for a live-action remake of Tangled? Granted, the current crop of remakes like The Lion King and Aladdin have proven that audiences are okay with Disney picking the bones off their not-too-old properties. and considering that Tangled is often viewed as one of their best modern offerings, it seems like a remake will be under pretty heavy scrutiny.

It is going to be interesting to see if Amber Heard does end up landing a major role with Disney. If the consensus is on her side regarding her public image, there might be a desire to take advantage of her newfound public revitalization. But will that happen? The ongoing battle with Johnny Depp is still going on and anything could happen with that. If the tide does end up turning against Amber Heard, things could easily dissolve with all her potential dealings with Disney. We will simply have to wait and see whether or not she ends up working under Mickey’s watchful eye.