Amber Heard Returning As Mera In Another DC Project?

By Doug Norrie | 7 days ago

amber heard aquaman 2

For a while, it was unclear if Amber Heard was going to be continuing as Queen Mera in the DC Universe of films. Legal troubles and quite a bit of negative publicity seemed like it was putting the role in debt for the actress. But all of that looks like it’s behind her now and Heard is gearing up for more roles as the character. The latest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman has it that Amber Heard is going to voice Queen Mera in an upcoming animated production in the DC Universe. 

We don’t have word on what this new production will be though clearly, it’s taking place within the DC Universe enough to want continuity between the characters in the live-action realm as well as the animated one. Amber Heard carrying over in the voice role signals a further entrenchment of the actress in the character. One thing that also remains to be seen is exactly what voice she brings to the role. Will it be what we heard in Aquaman or the accent we heard in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. They were definitely different between the two productions. 

Amber Heard has now played Queen Mera through two movies and is gearing up for a third. That’s going to be Aquaman 2 when it eventually comes out. The follow-up story to the original Aquaman is apparently set to expand her role in the movie, leaning more into the story around her character’s motivations and background. Apparently, DC wants to continue making Heard one of the focal points of their cinematic universe and this next movie will be one of the first chances. 

Amber Heard

While Amber Heard has confirmed that she’ll return as Queen Mera in this sequel, there are still precious few details on the next movie. It’s supposedly working with the title Necrus right now which refers to “The Black City” in the comic books. It resembles Atlantis in that it is underwater, but the two societies have been in conflict through the years. Necrus can shift locations and is ruled by Mongo who could end up being the primary antagonist and villain in this next film if this is the direction they take. 

It was unclear for some time whether Amber Heard would actually be back in this role for the next movie. Following her high profile, and moderately embarrassing summer court case involving ex-husband Johnny Depp, it looked like the studio was willing to cut ties. Numerous details of the two’s marriage came out in the wash and Depp ended up losing a number of high-profile gigs because of it. Some thought Heard would suffer the same fate, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Amber Heard, in addition to reprising her Queen Mera role, is coming off a miniseries turn on CBS All Access’s The Stand which aired last year. She played Nadine Cross, one of the main characters in the Stephen King adaptation. The series received middling reviews from critics, sitting at 56% on Rotten Tomatoes

In all, with this latest rumor that Amber Heard is heading into another Queen Mera role, even if only a voice one, it looks like she’s entrenched as the character for the time being and likely years to come.