Amber Heard Pushing For An Even Bigger Role In Aquaman 2?

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

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Amber Heard is gaining a lot of attention after her ex-husband Johnny Depp lost a libel suit that referred to him being called a “wife beater.” Then, Depp was removed from his role as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3 and his supporters rallied to have Heard fired from Aquaman 2. Nothing has yet come from this cry, but a new rumor suggests that Heard is angling to make herself an even more prominent part of the upcoming superhero sequel.

Insider Daniel Richtman (via We Got This Covered) is reporting that Amber Heard is actually trying to increase her role in Aquaman 2 and fight against Warner Bros. trying to reduce her presence in the new DC film. The specifics of this alleged battle are not clear, so we have to take this all with a grain of salt.

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There were already rumors that Aquaman 2 was trying to minimize Amber Heard’s presence by introducing more leading female characters. Is this the decision that Heard is supposedly trying to fight against? There have been little to no major story leaks regarding Aquaman 2, so we are not even sure how prominent a role Heard’s character, Mera, will even have in the story. She was obviously positioned to be extremely important in future installments, but has all the bad press surrounding her changed that trajectory?

If so, it would be a substantial shift in the established story from the comics. Mera is almost always portrayed as Aquaman’s love interest and as the Queen of Atlantis. Deviating from that interpretation would be a pretty radical departure for the DC cinematic universe, but the fervor surrounding Amber Heard might necessitate just such a shift in plotting. And making that kind of change would throw the entire future of Aquaman 2 into question.

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To be honest, it would create speculation about what the gameplan was for Mera in the first place. While she was certainly a vital part of the first film, what kind of agency and self-motivated story would she be a part of moving forward in Aquaman 2? Would Amber Heard be getting the kind of spotlight as Mera that the character would deserve? Or is Heard’s presence genuinely hurting the potential for Mera as a pivotal member of the film’s ensemble? Would Mera be able to remain a key component of the plot if she was recast?

Again, all of this is currently a rumor so we can’t even be sure that anything substantial is happening with Amber Heard and her involvement with Aquaman 2. Considering that Warner Bros. is obviously aware of the situation, it is likely that some kind of discussion is taking place, but the severity of those negotiations is unclear at this time. None of the key players involved with Aquaman 2 have yet to publicly speak about Heard’s involvement with the film.

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We will simply have to wait and see if Amber Heard ends up being a major part of Aquaman 2 or not. The film will begin production next year, so these issues will assuredly be getting ironed out very soon.