Amber Heard And Brie Larson Are Teaming Up For A Huge Project?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 4 weeks ago

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Given the box office rivalry of Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios, the possibility of DC and Marvel characters ever coming together is at best a far-fetched dream fans of both the franchises can silently nurture. So, while seeing Aquaman’s Mera and Captain Marvel’s Carol Danvers together in a film is not an option, according to a recent report, seeing Amber Heard and Brie Larson (who play the above-mentioned characters) in a film together is very much possible. 

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Netflix, which has been aiming to expand its gallery of films and bringing in big stars to its platform, is reportedly developing a project which will see both Brie Larson and Amber Heard sharing the screen together for the first time. Unfortunately, as usual, this is all Richtman has shared. Thus, at the moment there is no information about what the film will be about or what kind of characters the actresses will be playing.

The news of Brie Larson and Amber Heard starring together in a Netflix film is not the only gossip that Richtman has shared about the stars lately. The industry insider recently reported that Vin Diesel is interested in adding Amber Heard to the Fast & Furious franchise. There is also a report about Brie Larson gunning for the leadership position amongst the Avengers and actually demanding Marvel to make her the leader of the team in future films. 

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But whether or not Brie Larson and Amber Heard have been offered a Netflix film, a chance to joining the Fast & Furious franchise, or the opportunity to lead the Avengers, the two leading ladies of Hollywood already have a lot on their plates. We recently shared an exclusive report from our trusted sources that Heard, who is yet to star in an action film that she solely headlines, is all set to play the lead character in an adaptation of Fallen Angel, a novel by the author Chuck Logan. She will be playing the main character of the skilled pilot, Captain Jessie Kraig, who barely manages to survive a helicopter crash. In the aftermath of the crash, she is left to glue together the pieces of how the crash really happened while dealing with brain injuries and threatening forces that will do anything to keep the truth hidden. 

Our trusted and proven insider sources have also shared that Brie Larson, who will be possibly leading the Avengers now that Iron Man and Captain America are gone, is angling to joining yet another mega Disney franchise- Star Wars- and demanding a whopping $20 million for the role. Since then, there have been reports that she has been discussing the prospect with Lucasfilm and will be playing the fan-favorite character, Mara Jade. But in both cases, i.e., Amber Heard starring in her solo action-thriller and Brie Larson joining the Star Wars franchise, nothing has been officially announced yet. And until it isn’t, we still have the many future DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe films that will see the two actresses playing their respective badass superhero characters.