Amazon Prime Finally Fixes Its Biggest Problem

By James Brizuela | Published

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video has turned into one of the best streaming platforms in the world. However, there was one glaring issue with the program. The interface has long been complained about, as it was quite difficult to find the things you wanted to watch with ease. Most of the time we spend many minutes scrolling through the endless list of offered programs. However, that is all in the past, as Amazon has officially started to roll out the updated version of the new interface. This new interface comes complete with emphasis on sports, free titles, and a top 10 list. It’s about time.

Amazon Prime Video was often a maze of small icons that were part of a larger issue for the streaming platform. No one knew exactly what you would be watching apart from the synopsis on the side of your selection. Now, the platform has also added trailers to those icons, so that people can see exactly what it is they are attempting to watch. Also, the top 10 category is something that the platform was certainly missing. Essentially, Amazon took what Netflix was doing, but made it better. The idea for this new redesign is to allow users to find what they want to watch easier. According to a press release about the new redesign, “We are redesigning the Prime Video experience to highlight our broad selection of content and to make it easier for customers to find the content they love.”

With the huge amount of content that Amazon Prime Video is set to release, now is the perfect time for this redesign to come into play. The new Lord of the Rings series is sure to draw in many new subscribers, and they are likely to want an easier time finding that show and other programs they might love. The interface will have six primary pages that will help find content: Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff. This is hopefully going to help the incessant scrolling that had to happen when using the app before. We are fully invested in this new redesign.

One of the biggest changes is the emphasis on sports for Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform just inked a major 11-year deal with the NFL to host the Thursday Night Football games exclusively on the app. Amazon Prime has also been ramping up its other sports offerings for basketball, baseball, and soccer. It would not be a big shock if they begin to branch out into becoming one of the premier sports hubs in the world. This new redesign is meant to mitigate the searching so that sports fans can find the broadcasted games a lot quicker.

The Amazon Prime Video app, Android app, and Fire TV have all begun to receive this new updated interface. It has started to roll out and will continue throughout the summer. The iOS and web versions of the streaming platform will follow. We are not sure exactly when the update will roll out for everyone but keeps your eyes peeled. This new interface looks to be way easier to use, and we can’t wait to try it out. Something about a user-friendly interface just makes us excited.