The Best Celebrity Chef Launching Free Cooking Channel For Amazon

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By Dan Lawrence | Published


One of the best celebrity chefs is launching a free Amazon cooking channel. The person in question is famed UK Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver, set to take on the world of streaming. In the past, he’s taken on school canteens in the United Kingdom and has recently been on the hunt for the next great cookery book author, but now he is getting his very own streaming channel. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the Jamie Oliver Channel will be coming to the Amazon free streaming service Freevee.

Freevee is ad-supported, hence the new Jamie Oliver offering will be a free Amazon cooking channel. The Jamie Oliver Channel, launching on Thursday (July 7) will bring together the famed celebrity chef’s entire back catalogue of shows. Oliver first shot to fame at the turn of the 21st Century with his show, the Naked Chef, where he stripped recipes down to the bare bones for 25 episodes en route toward a BAFTA award win. Two decades later and with countless more shows under his belt, Jamie Oliver is still at the forefront of high-quality cooking television productions. 

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Jamie Oliver in Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie Oliver’s latest television show offering is The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver. The show, which aired for the first time in January on UK’s Channel 4, sees Jamie Oliver host a competition pitting a variety of chef’s from all different backgrounds together with the winner earning the coveted prize of a cookbook publishing deal. Along with getting his very own Amazon Cooking Channel, The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver has been subject to a hoard of international deals. The show so far has been sold in Canada to CTV Live and the RTL Living Network in Germany. Disney has picked up the show in a number of territories, from North Africa to the Middle East, the Netherlands and Turkey. Fox Life and AMC have also picked up the show in a number of European locations.

It’s a good time for Jamie Oliver right now, and this has been reflected in the comments from Fremantle International CEO Jens Richter, who said that the advent of Jamie Oliver’s new Amazon cooking channel is; “an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences around the world.” Both Jamie Oliver’s international show deals and his new streaming channel come off the back of a new boardroom change in Jamie Oliver’s corporate enterprise. The Jamie Oliver Group has appointed a new Chief Executive, Kevin Styles, whose role encompasses managing the chef’s media, product, and licensing arm along with his international chain of restaurants.

Jamie Oliver’s new amazon cooking channel joins a growing list of content on Freevee. The FAST (free-ad-supported-TV) channel is home to the likes of original dramas such as Bosch: Legacy starring Titus Welliver and Alex Rider, the teen spy series based on Anthony Horowitz’s groundbreaking novels. Freevee is also home to a host of old favourites such as the political White House drama starring Martin Sheen, The West Wing. Viewers can also stream reality tv featuring another notorious celebrity chef, namely Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.