Alison Brie Reveals Her Biggest Career Heartbreak

It broke our hearts too.

By Michileen Martin | Published

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No matter how wealthy, popular, or acclaimed an actor is; they’ve got some great disappointments behind them. Alison Brie is no exception. Her time as Community‘s Annie Edison was cut short (until it wasn’t) and along with the rest of the cast, she’s still waiting for the Community movie to become a reality. But in an interview about her new movie Spin Me Round, Brie says it wasn’t her time at Greendale Community College she misses the most, but her stint as one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Probably coming as no surprise to fans of the series, Alison Brie recently told Decider that the cancellation of Netflix’s GLOW hit her like nothing else has. “It’s the great heartbreak of my career,” Brie said. “But it will forever live on as, like, this great thing. I loved working on it — maybe more than anything I’ve worked on — and I miss it a lot. But I feel very grateful for the time I had on the show.”

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Alison Brie on GLOW

On GLOW Alison Brie played Ruth Wilder, an actress who joins the real life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and meets her opponents under the pseudonym Zoya the Destroya. Brie was joined on the dramedy by Betty Gilpin (The Tomorrow War), Sydelle Noel (Arrow), Marc Maron (Maron), and Britney Young (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) among others. As evidenced by its stellar reviews and scores on Rotten Tomatoes, the show was critically acclaimed and enjoyed a passionate following. Over the course of three seasons, GLOW attracted an impressive 18 Primetime Emmy nominations, including three wins, but sadly its accolades didn’t save it. In the Fall of 2020, Alison Brie and the rest of the cast was already filming the fourth and final season, but the streamer put the axe to GLOW because of the dangers of Covid-19.

With the worst of Covid-19 in the rearview (we hope), it may be tempting to forget exactly why the unfortunate turn of events leading to GLOW‘s cancellation made the heartbreak seem worth it; at least to Netflix. That isn’t lost on Alison Brie though. When asked about how she took the news, Brie said, “Yeah, it was surprising! But it was sort of eclipsed by the shock of everything that was happening globally… You know, so in a way it was almost like it put things in perspective.”

alison brie glow
Alison Brie in GLOW

Not long after the bad news was announced about GLOW, Alison Brie told The Playlist that she thought a GLOW movie could–as long as it was written by series creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch–nicely tie up all the loose threads left dangling after the show’s early death. However she also warned “don’t hold your breath because if it does happen, it might take a minute.”

While unfortunately there’s been no word about any kind of GLOW revival, Alison Brie did recently say there has been some movement behind the scenes on the long-awaited Community movie. She didn’t go so far as to say that the film was greenlit, but she did say that of all the attempts so far to get things going on the film, it’s never gotten quite as far along in the process as it is now. Here’s hoping.