Alien Star Visited By UFOs For Fifty Years

Alien star Yaphet Kotto claimed to have encountered aliens all throughout his life, even finding hidden alien symbols on the set of the movie.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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UFO sightings have been increasing across the globe, with 2020 seeing a new high-water mark in total sightings, but in an amazing coincidence, one of the stars of Alien claims to have been seeing UFOs for 50 years. In an interview with VICE, Yaphet Kotto, the actor that portrayed Parker, the ship’s engineer, shared his experiences of a lifetime of aliens. The accomplished actor shared his first alien encounter as having taken place when he was 9 or 10 (roughly 1950), playing baseball in the Bronx, when a “figure was behind me, it was at least five or six feet tall with an elongated head.”

Yaphet Kotto, as a child, experienced 10 or 15 years of consistent encounters with aliens, claiming that every time he moved to a new home, at some point, a large circle of smoke would appear over his home. The largest encounter came as an adult in the Philippines, when the staff of his restaurant called him out and they all saw a large object in the sky that blotted out the moon and stars. After some encounters, Kotto claims to to have lost time, with the actor wondering out loud if maybe he was abducted during that time.

Why would someone like Yaphet Kotto, with a lifetime of extraterrestrial encounters, agree to star in a film about one of the most terrifying aliens in cinema history? According to the Homicide: Life on the Street star, Alien was one of the best scripts he had ever read, even if it was only 72 pages long. One thing left out of the script, was the initial chestburster scene, which Kotto says terrified him and the rest of the cast, as they had seen the puppet beforehand, but that did not compare to the amazing work by the effects crew.

Yaphet Kotto on the set of Alien

According to Yaphet Kotto, the set itself was covered in secret signals from aliens, specifically using Egyptian hieroglyphics that only he was able to find and decipher. Noel Ransome, the VICE interviewer, did ask Kotto if he had ever been diagnosed with a mental illness, getting the star to say that he had an IQ of 196. In defending his encounters, the Alien star referenced other famous sightings from celebrated individuals, in particular, the former Canadian Minister of Defence, Paul Hellyer, who famously testified that aliens exist.

In Yaphet Kotto’s defense, aliens have been a popular topic of late, with the United States Military getting in on the action by testifying to Congress that over 400 sightings have been reported by aviators. The government pointed to increased usage of drones, more sophisticated technology, and an uptick in the usage of Mylar balloons as reasons for the sightings. Current military culture now destigmatizes reporting of UFOs, also contributing to the increase in reports, with even scientists believing that is impossible for humans to be alone in the universe.

Hollywood has been depicting alien abductions for nearly a century, including dramatizing the a famous abduction story in the 1993 film Fire in The Sky, which went on to directly influence The X-Files. Yaphet Kotto had a long, prestigious career in television and film, his frequent encounters with aliens clearly did not stop him from contributing amazing performances. Unfortunately, the actor passed away in 2020, just before the most recent spike in UFO interest, most of which supports people like him that claim to have encountered aliens.