Alicia Vikander Will Return As Lara Croft, But With Some Changes

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander is going to return for another round of Tomb Raider and the film is setting up to possibly be even better than her first go around. The sequel to the reboot is getting a big name in the writer and director chair which could lend a new direction to the franchise. Recent news has it that Misha Green is coming on to helm Tomb Raider 2

Misha Green is the showrunner and creator of HBO’s Lovecraft Country, a show that’s been met with rave reviews after its first season. This will be her first stop in the feature film director’s chair and she’s set to pen the script as well. It could be a chance to really dive deeper into Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft, a character with more than a few angles to be explored and stories to be told. 

2018’s Tomb Raider was a reboot of the Angelina Jolie version from 2001. In this latest one, Alicia Vikander took over the lead role as Lara Croft and offered a new story about her background and acted as something of an origin story. It was a somewhat refreshing new look on the treasure hunter/ artifact finder who has made her way through any number of traps and sticky situations. Vikander played the role well, taking the character a slightly new direction considering she comes upon her skills more in the moment. 

Alicia Vikander

This version of Tomb Raider performed fine-ish with critics, finishing at 50% on the Tomatometer. Some said it was a little too much like Indiana Jones and didn’t have much in the way or originality when it came to the set pieces. But for all of the plot issues and story arcs, most agreed Alicia Vikander pretty much crushed the role, saving the flick from bland mediocrity with her performance. Some even preferred her turn to the Jolie version. 

And there’s some reason to think this franchise with Alicia Vikander is at least moderately financially viable going forward. The first one totaled around right around $275 million at the box office on around a $100 million budget. Those gains are probably right around the studio’s breaking point when it comes to marketable franchises, but they clearly saw something that could work long term. This latest team-up probably gives it the best chance of success going forward. 

Bringing on Misha Green to pen the script and direct the story should offer a chance to exceed the original’s flatness and even turn the reboot into a viable franchise going forward. Green could put Alicia Vikander into a darker role considering the former’s background has a horror vibe to it already. Lovecraft Country has been praised by critics with its story about a man exploring the deep South in the 1950s and finding more than a few mysteries and troubling corners along the way. 

Alicia Vikander

Having a strong female director in the lead with Alicia Vikander who’s already proven to be more than up for the role could be a match made in movie heaven for Tomb Raider 2.