See Alexandra Daddario As DCEU’s Next Superhero, Zatanna

Alexandra Daddario is a fan favorite to play Zatanna, and here's what she would look like.

By Jason Collins | Published

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario is no stranger to heroic roles, playing the daughter of the warrior goddess in the Percy Jackson series. However, we still haven’t seen her in spandex and cape, running or flying around in efforts to save the world. That might change soon since Warner Bros. started the development of the Zatanna movie.

In September 2019, digital artist Mizuri posted a stunning concept of Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna after watching Justice League Dark for the first time. The artist wrote that he would like to see Daddario as Zatanna in The Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey. Unfortunately, the stunningly beautiful lifeguard from Baywatch didn’t feature in any of those films.

The announced development of the Zatanna movie, currently in writing by Emerald Fennel (Promising young woman), rekindled the fans’ call for Alexandra Daddario as the leading role. Both the fans of DC Extended Universe and of the actress herself deem her perfect for the part. However, the role of Zatanna wasn’t cast yet, and no official statements or confirmations have been made on the subject.

Alexandra Daddario has, on occasion, revealed her feelings about comic book roles, stating that she doesn’t have a particular character she wants to play. But fans of Mizuri, DC Extended Universe, and Daddario consider Zatanna as the perfect choice. For readers unfamiliar with the character, Zatanna is one of the strongest magic users from the DC comic universe and the daughter of the legendary comic book character from the Golden Age of Comics, Giovanni Zatara.

Apart from Zatanna, Alexandra Daddario would fit in the shoes of many other female characters from the comics, including Tigra, mesmerizing Poison Ivy, or Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl. However, her appearance as Zatanna is, perhaps, the most anticipated of them all. After WB announced the Zatanna movie’s development, Twitter exploded with fan’s posts calling for the Percy Jackson star to get the role. Some fans even pleaded directly to the Fennel, asking her to consider Alexandra Daddario for the leading role.

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Any performer of Daddario’s caliber eventually earns a spot in top-grossing movies or franchises, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe, and playing the role of Zatanna might be Daddario’s breakthrough into a franchise. With that said, Zatanna wouldn’t be the first superhero role Daddario was cast for. She provided voice acting for Janet “The Wasp” Van Dyne in the Marvel Avengers Academy. She also played Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Tomorrow, released last year.

Daddario is perhaps best known for her role of Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson series or Summer Quinn from Baywatch. The actress is also credited for appearing in Texas Chainsaw 3D and San Andreas and her recurring roles in TV shows American Horror Story: Hotel, True Detective, and White Collar. She’s set to appear on the big screen in the action-drama movie Die in a Gunfight, which is currently in the post-production phase, but without an official release date.

As for the announced Zatanna movie, no other announcements have been made regarding casting or filming. Fans would love to see Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna, claiming that she’s “tailored” for the role. For now, we can only hope and root for Alexandra Daddario as the live-action Zatanna.