See Alexandra Daddario Look Stunning On Set Of New Series

Alexandra Daddario is gearing up for her very own starring series of supernatural doings and dysfunctional families and she looks great.

By Joshua Jones | Published

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Actress Alexandra Daddario had her breakthrough performance in the popular Percy Jackson film series. Daddario played a character named Annabeth Chase, who was described as the child of Athena and had an extensive paternal family. Since then, the actress has appeared in numerous projects and has impressed TV and filmgoers. Now, we have a sneak peek of her character in the upcoming gothic horror series Mayfair Witches. Daddario posted a photo on Instagram of her character, Dr. Rowan Fielding, dressed in a stunning, sleek black dress and wearing what appears to be a gold necklace around her neck. She also included other pictures of the set.

Alexandra Daddario’s character is described as a brilliant neurosurgeon who ends up discovering her true lineage as the heir to the Mayfair Dynasty. Variety reported Daddario’s casting in March with the president of AMC studios hyping up her addition to the series. When discussing Daddario, the AMC president said, “Alexandra is a singular talent who has lit up the screen in everything she’s been in and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board, leading the cast of a series that will be a centerpiece of an expanding Anne Rice universe on AMC+ and AMC. We found our Rowan and can’t wait for her to meet viewers later this year.” AMC also announced the casting of several other actors including Tongayi Chrisa, Beth Grant, Erica Gimpel, and Fargo’s Jack Huston as a character named Lasher. Filming began underway in New Orleans this past May.

Based on the novel series by Anne Rice, Mayfair Witches centers on a family of witches whose fortunes have been guided by a spirit. Many of the characters from the book series have crossed over into Rice’s other book series, The Vampire Chronicles. The executives at AMC gave the television adaptation featuring Alexandra Daddario an eight-episode series order. Before the series got greenlit, Rice reportedly asked for around $30 to $40 million from whoever wanted to purchase the rights. AMC ultimately purchased the rights to the series and allowed Rice to serve as executive producer. When asked about the upcoming adaptation, Rice mentioned how it has always been her dream to see her projects under one roof.

The book series has seen mixed success in terms of gaining critical acclaim. While the series did rank high on the New York Times Best Seller list, many critics called the series dark and yet, at the same time, foreboding. While the photos that Alexandra Daddario posted don’t entirely give a hint of the story, it does give off a sense of the gothic, dark tone that readers are familiar with. Daddario herself looks quite frightened in one of the photos, so it’ll be interesting to see what troubles her character will face. Regarding the Mayfair family, Alexander Theroux from the Chicago Tribune once described them as “the largest dysfunctional family on earth.” He also said that there are a lot of soap-opera elements in the series, perhaps perfect for the type of content that AMC wants on their streaming service.

The Alexandra Daddario-led series is set to premiere on AMC+ in 2023. The streaming service is probably most known for its Walking Dead content and for fans wanting to relive other adored series such as Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. In the age of streaming, many companies are trying to set themselves apart by providing unique, different content that would only appear on their service. A series like Mayfair Witches does fit with the horror-centric, soap opera tone of most of the content that’s already on AMC+. As to whether the show will be able to quickly find an audience, perhaps that would rely on how the characters are portrayed and if viewers are down with watching a dysfunctional family of witches in a gothic setting each week.