See Alexandra Daddario Celebrate A Night Out In A Revealing Dress

By Britta DeVore | Published

A girl’s night out is exactly what the doctor ordered for Alexandra Daddario as the The White Lotus actress recently hit the town with two other Hollywood starlets. While she’s usually dressed to impress, stunning in everything from a chainmail dress to a trenchcoat, Daddario’s latest look had her all glammed up in a mini dress featuring a cream colored skirt and a revealing, low-cut black top. In the Instagram post, which you can see above, a series of photos reveals Daddario is out and about with her Wildflower co-star Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart) as the trio attends a dinner hosted by fashion designer Giambattista Valli at Los Angeles’ fine dining restaurant, Caviar Kaspia. 

Captioned “Dinner with cool people!” Alexandra Daddario beams next to the two actresses with Kiernan Shipka glowing in a neon pink dress and Kaitlyn Dever wearing a two piece top and dress combo with a lined boxy pattern. Another shot in the post reveals Alexandra Daddario posing with the man of the hour, Giambattista Valli with the duo striking their best looks for the camera. Finally, we see Daddario clearly enjoying herself while she takes a seat at the table, ready to feast her eyes on the delicious dinner that awaits her. 

As if it wasn’t already blowing up, Alexandra Daddario’s career is on the brink of a total takeover with her starring role in Anne Rice’s book-turned-series, Mayfair Witches, landing on AMC in the approaching months. A recently released trailer revealed all the witchy drama that will surround Daddario’s character in the new project that sees her as a brainy neurosurgeon whose life is forever changed when she discovers the truth about her family – that they’re part of a long line of powerful witches. Her powers will immediately be put to the test when she comes face to face with an evil entity known as Lasher who’s been hunting her loved ones down for generations. 

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario in Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches

Along with Alexandria Daddario, the series features a dynamite cast including Harry Hamlin (Clash of the Titans), Tongayi Chirisa (The Jim Gaffigan Show), Jen Richards (Mrs. Fletcher), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), Erica Gimpel (Fame), and Annabeth Gish (Mystic Pizza). Throwing in some new storylines and characters along with the old, the series is planning a release date for sometime early in 2023. The project will follow the recent release of another Anne Rice book-turned-on-screen-production, Interview with the Vampire, which has already been renewed for a second season.

Outside of her time at big Hollywood parties and on a sure fire hit series, the rumor mill has been working overtime with gossip going around that Alexandria Daddario will be cast as Sue Storm in the upcoming MCU reboot flick, Fantastic Four. According to the Instagram account, DeuxMoi, it’s possible that The White Lotus star is in the running to become one of the members of the legendary team. While it currently sits as no more than a speculation, Daddario could already be on Marvel’s radar following her audition for Jessica Jones, a part that eventually landed with Krysten Ritter.