See What Alexandra Daddario Would Look Like As Luke Skywalker’s Wife

Giant Freakin Robot imagines Alexandra Daddario as Mara Jade in an amazing AI artpiece.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

When the Star Wars sequel trilogy revealed that Luke Skywalker attempted to revive the Jedi Order, fans believed that his wife, Mara Jade, would make an appearance. But she never did, leaving viewers to wonder what an on-screen version of Mara Jade would look like. Now, we at Giant Freakin Robot have made an AI digital rendering of Alexandra Daddario as the Expanded Universe character.

Alexandra Daddario is seen wearing Jedi robes and holding a lightsaber, the weapon she wielded in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Since Mara Jade was a former Force-sensitive assassin, initially tasked with assassinating Luke, she received a rare crystal from Emperor Palpatine when she was appointed as his Hand. She used it to construct the lightsaber.

Before joining Talon Karrde’s organization, Mara Jade had little experience with lightsabers. But she carried it alongside her blaster during the Galactic Civil War, using it in battles on various planets such as Shelsha sector, Svivren, Chibias, and Kintoni. She eventually lost the lightsaber during her duel with Lumiya on Caprioril after the Battle of Endor.

After the fall of the Empire, Mara Jade became a smuggler before crossing paths with Luke Skywalker, who convinced her to help him rebuild the Jedi Order. They eventually fell in love, married, and had a son named Ben Skywalker. However, with the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, the Expanded Universe was declared non-canon, and her story was erased, which makes the Alexandra Daddario image bittersweet.

Mara Jade Skywalker met her tragic end at the hands of her nephew. Jacen Solo (Han and Leia’s son) eventually fell prey to the dark side and became a Sith Lord. He saw Mara as a traitor and believed she had to be eliminated in order to restart the sinister group. Mara, recognizing the danger Jacen posed, confronted him to stop his destructive path. But instead of listening to reason, he killed her.

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

Alexandra Daddario would have been the perfect actress to play the character in the films. But her appearances in the Star Wars universe are now limited to Legends content. It’s unfortunate that fans never got to see Luke with his family. But Mark Hamill is optimistic that he did find love off-screen. In a Twitter exchange with fans, the actor hinted at the possibility.

“Maybe he did between Ep. 6 & 7. Many untold stories there,” he wrote, suggesting that there are decades of unexplored stories in the Star Wars timeline. While romance is strictly forbidden under the traditional Jedi code, it’s worth noting that Luke’s training was very unorthodox, which explains why he married Mara Jade.

While Alexandra Daddario isn’t part of the Star Wars story, the actress currently stars in the popular Mayfair Witches series. Created by Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford, the show is based on the Lives of the Mayfair Witches novel trilogy by Anne Rice. The story follows Dr. Rowan Fielding, who learns she is the heiress of a dynasty of powerful witches. The show premiered on AMC in January and has been renewed for a second season.

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