See Alexandra Daddario In A Camo Bra

Alexandra Daddario looks incredible in a camo bra.

By Mark McKee | Updated

Alexandra Daddario

There are some celebrities that are able to break the internet with a simple post, whether Kanye West, Donald Trump, or Andrew Tate say something that causes a stir, or Kim Kardashian and others post a pic that breaks new fashion and trends. Alexandra Daddario is one of the people that begin a new fashion trend entirely with a simple social media post. In a post seen below, the White Lotus actress is trying to find the perfect way to bring camo back to the forefront of fashion. 

In the image posted to an Instagram fan account, Alexandra Daddario sports a lace sports bra and form-fitting camouflage pants, showing off her always-toned abdominals. The shot is actually a pull from one of her latest promotional gigs with Aerie as part of their We Are Summer campaign in 2022. The Witches of Mayfair actress was the face of the campaign and made multiple posts on her own Instagram page where she praised the line for being a truly “You” brand, bringing out the best in who you are.  

Alexandria Daddario has always been known for her striking blue eyes and impossibly trained core that never fails to catch the eye. She attributes her strong core to her dedication to yoga practice, which she constantly displays on her Instagram page, where she talks about finding her center. She also says that her practice of yoga is helping her earn her peace, assisting her with managing her anxiety, and improving her overall mental health and her sleep. 

Her workout habits changed back in 2017 when she landed a role alongside Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron in the film reboot of the classic beach bum series, Baywatch. When she was cast to go alongside two of the fittest men in the business, she decided to add some weight training to her routine, which was new to her. She talked about the transformation of her body when she added the weights and how she built definition and muscle mass to compete with her male co-stars. 

The first two career-breaking roles that Alexandra Daddario landed when she broke into the industry involved one failed film franchise and one recurring role in a TV series. The film franchise saw her land the role of Annabeth Chase in the feature film adaptation of the Rick Riordan young adult novels Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. She also became the primary motivation for the inciting incident that began the journey of Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey in USA’s White Collar

alexandra daddario

Her most recent work has gotten her some much-deserved recognition, including a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie in 2022 for her role in The White Lotus. She also will be seen in the upcoming Anne Rice adaptation of The Lives of the Mayfair Witches, in which the title will be shortened to Mayfair Witches. But in the meantime, all you have to do is jump on her Instagram to see more of her fashion-forward core on display.