Alec Baldwin Is Now Being Sued Over His Fatal Shooting

By James Brizuela | 41 seconds ago

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In the least surprising news to come out in the past month, Alec Baldwin is now being sued for his direct involvement in the death of a cinematographer and injury of the director on the set of the western movie, Rust. The lawsuit has been brought forth by one of the crew members that had been working on the set. This latest development is one of many new problems faced by Alec Baldwin and the movie’s production.

Due to the collective complaints of the crew and the tragedy that occurred, the chief of lightning, Serge Svetnoa, is now suing Rust Movie Productions LLC. Svetnoa has not singled out any one person as being the proponent for the lawsuit, meaning that Alec Baldwin isn’t chiefly named in this lawsuit, but the massive issues on the set of this film are what led to the filing of the suit.

Svetnoa is also claiming that fragments from the projectile that struck director, Joel Souza, also struck him. There have been no further injury reports as to what has happened to Svetnoa, but Alec Baldwin will likely have much more to answer for than just the death of Hutchins. Svetnoa claims in their lawsuit that the idea behind the lawsuit is to bring more awareness to producers cutting corners and causing tragedies like this in the film industry.

The tragic on-set shooting took place on October 21st in New Mexico on the set of the low-budget Western film, Rust. Alec Baldwin had been given a prop gun that he deemed was safe to use. A projectile was launched from the gun causing the unfortunate accident. Alec Baldwin fired said gun which caused the death of Halyna Hutchins. The projectile also struck the director, Joel Souza. Both Hutchins and Souza were taken to the hospital, where Hutchins unfortunately died. Souza was treated and released from the hospital on October 22nd. Currently, investigators are still looking into what happened that led to the actual shooting and death of Halyna Hutchins.

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Conditions on the set of Rust have been a point of contention, as a group of camera operators walked off the set hours before the accident happened, due to poor working conditions. Long hours, long commutes, and paychecks not coming on time were just some of the complaints made by workers on the set. Alec Baldwin is also a producer on the film, which adds to his personal responsibility and liability on set.

The set of Rust has been mired with bad luck, as recently, another crew member by the name of Jason Miller was bitten by a venomous spider and is undergoing significant treatment that may lead to the amputation of his arm. Due to the tragic death of Hutchins, and the clearcut issues on the set of Rust, it is possible that this film’s production will be halted forever. Alec Baldwin is likely not going to see the set of another film any time soon as well while the investigation and lawsuit are handled.