Alec Baldwin Allegedly Not Cooperating With Law Enforcement On Rust Investigation

By Carolyn Jenkins | 2 weeks ago

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The saga of the tragedy on the set of Rust continues with another update. The entertainment industry was shaken when cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed on the set of Rust. Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun with a live round, which culminated in the devastating events. There have been many updates and the investigation continues into who is at fault in this case. Most recently Baldwin has been contacted so law enforcement can inspect his phone records. The Hollywood Reporter states that although a search warrant has been administered, Baldwin allegedly has yet to give up his phone to the Santa Fe Sheriff’s department who are the local authorities in the matter.

The search warrant was sent out on December 16. At the time, Alec Baldwin’s attorney had acknowledged the receipt of the warrant but allegedly no phone has been surrendered as of yet. Before the warrant, Baldwin had posted a video on Instagram that he was complying with the investigation. However, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s office seems to disagree. This has come on the tail of many twists in the case.

Baldwin’s first on-air acknowledgement of the incident was with George Stephanopolous on ABC. The interview was noteworthy due to the emotion Alec Baldwin expressed and the comments that he made. Baldwin stated that while he was holding the gun that killed Hutchins, he does not feel guilty for the incident. Even so, he reported that he consistently has dreams revolving around tragedy. In light of the interview, Baldwin deleted his Twitter account, along with wife Hilaria Baldwin. However, the actor still maintains his innocence in regards to who is culpable.

Alec Baldwin is not the only one being questioned in this matter. The armorer who was in charge of inspecting the prop guns is also under quite a bit of scrutiny. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is under investigation for her alleged role in Hutchins’ death. In the investigation, Gutierrez-Reed’s attorneys are saying that the shooting could have been due to intentional sabotage on set (via Deadline). There should not have been live rounds mixed in with the dummy rounds that lay unattended on the prop truck.

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Now Gutierrez-Reed is filing her own lawsuit. The armorer is alleging that she is not at fault, but that those that supplied the rounds from the prop house are. Seth Kenney supplied the rounds and originally claimed that he had received reloaded ammunition. That was how a live round could end up with the dummy rounds (via Variety.) However a previous article from Variety reports that he had walked back the statement, saying there is no way the rounds came from his supply chain PDQ. As of yet, there has been no resolution to the responsible party, be it Gutierrez-Reed, Kenney, or Alec Baldwin.

While everyone is waiting on some sort of conclusion to come to this sorrowful story, Alec Baldwin plans to move ahead. The 30 Rock actor expressed on his Instagram his gratitude for those who have supported him in the past year. He plans to cherish the relationships he has in the coming year as news continues to be updated.