Alec Baldwin’s Alleged On-Set Shooting Case Isn’t Over

The D.A. of Sante Fe is still pursuing criminal charges against Alec Baldwin and the producers of Rust.

By James Brizuela | Published

The world was stunned yesterday when the wrongful death case brought against Alec Baldwin and the Producers of Rust had been settled by Halyna Hutchinsons’ estate. Halyna’s husband Matthew stated that he only wished for this situation to move forward, and he is now going to be an executive producer for the movie as part of the settlement. However, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altweis has stated that this settlement will not prevent criminal charges from being brought once the investigation is truly concluded.

Heather Brewer of the Office of the First Judicial District Attorney¬†stated that “If the facts and evidence warrant criminal charges under New Mexico law then charges will be brought. No one is above the law.” She also added that despite the civil suit being settled privately and with a likely cash award, the criminal cases only deal in facts, which are to be presented, and could still see Alec Baldwin charged with criminal wrongdoing.

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The police report and investigation from the Sante Fe Sherrif’s office are ongoing, but reportedly close to being finished, which will then see the report passed on to D.A. Carmack-Altweis. The issue is now that Matthew Hutchins has settled his case with the producers of Rust, including Alec Baldwin, it might be a lot harder for the D.A. to chase criminal charges. However, it appears that D.A. Carmack-Altweis is certainly going to do so, especially if it means making an example of everyone involved in the situation.

Alec Baldwin has claimed his innocence since the tragedy occurred, stating that he was not responsible for shooting the gun that would take Halyna’s life and injure director Joel Souza. However, a police report determined that for that gun to have been fired, the trigger would have had to be pulled, something that Baldwin and his camp have vehemently denied.

These details could be what D.A. Carmack-Altweis is chasing when the police report is concluded and passed over to her. Another thing of note is that even though Matthew Hutchins has settled with the producers of Rust and Alec Baldwin, there could be other people involved that are seeking some sort of justice for what happened. This is just speculation, but this situation has been quite complicated from the beginning.

What makes this all so odd is that the movie is now going to move forward, even after Halyna Hutchins lost her life. Matthew has exclaimed that he believes his wife would have wanted the production to resume and her art to be realized, but it all seems a bit odd to move forward with a production that is now tarnished. Still, Alec Baldwin will star in this Western movie that is slated to resume its shooting schedule in January of 2023.

We would say to keep your eyes peeled for when this police report is finally released, as we could see the D.A. in Sante Fe chasing criminal charges for the producers of the movie, including Alec Baldwin. But for now, things seem to have quieted down and the production is moving forward on Rust. With so much tragedy surrounding this movie, we are not even sure that it will be successful when it finally releases.