Alec Baldwin Is Switching Back To Action Movies

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

Alec Baldwin isn’t known anymore for his action roles. And considering how long of a career he’s had on the big screen, it isn’t a genre we’ve seen him lean into for quite a while. Not to say it didn’t happen here and there (years ago), but he didn’t totally make his bones in the shoot-em-up films on-screen even in his heyday. These days, it’s never too late to get back into a young man’s game. And that’s exactly what’s happening for Baldwin. He’s taken a role in an upcoming film which should have a few gripping moments and tons of action.

The new film for Alec Baldwin is Supercell and it will be a storm-chasing flick. The 62-year-old actor isn’t likely to be the one tracking down the twisters in the moment, but from the description, he’s going to take a villain turn in this one. He’ll play a man profiting off of storm-chasing tours after the death of Bill Brody who lost his life tracking down a massive tornado. Brody’s son William is following in dad’s footsteps and butts up against Baldwin’s character in the film. 

No other casting decisions have been made yet for Supercell besides Alec Baldwin, but Herbert James Winterstern is on to direct the film. This will be his first feature-length film after penning some episodes of Siberia. 

At this point in his career, these are just the right type of roles for Alec Baldwin. Playing the sneering, corporate fat-cat type with ill intentions is right up his alley. He doesn’t need to step into the middle of an F4 tornado to be part of this kind of action movie. Just him being around trying to disenfranchise someone else is the kind of role he can sink his teeth into. 

But there was once a time when Alec Baldwin did take more of the action roles. Back in the day, he starred in films like The Hunt for Red October (1990) and The Shadow (1994). Around this time there was also The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and The Getaway. Sure, he was younger back then, but the guy did take some more action roles. More recently he’s been on the periphery of the Mission Impossible franchise, playing Alan Hunley in Rogue Nation and Fallout. 

Besides Supercell, Alec Baldwin has a bunch of other movies coming in the pipeline. He has Rust, The Father and Blue Before Blood all in pre-production. The latter film is a cop movie set in the New York Police Department. And he’s also signed on to play Enzo Ferrari in the Lamborghini biopic. 

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So Alec Baldwin isn’t shot on work these days. Far from it. He’s still taking high-profile roles on the regular. But it’s always a nice reminder that this guy once did have some action chops in him as a younger leading man. He’s not running around on screen anymore but has clearly carved out another way to fit in with the productions. Action apparently isn’t just a young man’s game. 

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