Adult Swim’s Best Show Is Finally Getting The Release It Deserves

Adult Swim is releasing a Venture Bros. DVD box set.

By Robert Scucci | Published

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Some people speculate that one day, artificial intelligence will become smarter than humans could have ever anticipated, and eventually lead to the downfall of humanity as we know it. In this hypothetical nightmarish dystopian scenario, the power grid will shut down, robots will take over, and worst of all, streaming services will no longer be able to broadcast our favorite shows, which would be a total bummer. Luckily, if all of the above were to actually happen in our lifetimes, Warner Bros. has offered the solution we need in the form of a The Venture Bros. box set for avid collectors of all things Adult Swim, according to CBR.

The seven-season box set, aptly titled, “The Venture Bros. The Complete Series,” will boast all 82 episodes of the series, and also include every special feature associated with the show throughout its entire run. For those of you who aren’t fearing the robot takeover, you can purchase a digital version of the box set for $79.99. But if you prefer the more tangible option, you could own the physical copy in the form of a DVD box set for $134.99. Whatever your media preference may be, The Venture Bros. box set will be available to purchase on June 20, 2023, thanks to Warner Bros.

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The Venture Bros. was wildly popular during its seven-season run for being a stellar parody of retro cartoons like Jonny Quest. The series finds Dr. Thaddeus S. Venture simply trying to navigate through life as a morally flexible mad scientist with two 16-year-old sons of questionable origin and competence. The Venture family, with the help of their ruthlessly violent bodyguard, Brock Samson, take down villains and henchmen through their use of ingenious inventions, and morally ambiguous actions.

Not only will we be blessed with The Venture Bros. box set, it seems as if the Venture Bros. movie, which will serve as a finale to the series, has also wrapped production, but doesn’t yet have a release date. Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld) stated in June 2022 that he already recorded his parts as Brock Samson for the movie, but has remained tight-lipped about any other developments.

This lack of information on his part could be due to an NDA he signed, but he seemed forthright in stating that he is just the voice actor. And doesn’t necessarily have the granular details for the entire plot and concept from his vantage point.

In addition to The Venture Bros. box set and movie, Adult Swim announced in 2021 that they will be producing straight-to-DVD features for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Metalocalypse, which would ultimately be finales for both series. The former was released on November 8, 2022, but the latter is rumored to have a release date announced sometime later in 2023.

While we hope that The Venture Bros. movie will answer some of our most burning questions about the series (namely, who is Hank and Dean’s mother?), we’re just going to have to wait a little longer for further developments.

In the meantime, The Venture Bros. box set is only a couple of months away for those who can’t wait to get their hands on it. Those of you who want a quick fix of your favorite Adult Swim series while waiting for the formal physical release can always stream it on HBO Max.