Netflix Is Paying Addison Rae A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

By Tristan Zelden | 4 weeks ago

addison rae

For the entertainment business, one big break can send you skyrocketing toward the moon. In this case, TikTok star, podcaster, makeup line owner, and actress Addison Rae (He’s All That) is already there and will be heading further out by getting paid major bucks for a multipicture deal with Netflix.

According to reports circulating, Addison Rae will be paid more than triple her He’s All That salary. It is being projected that it will at least be in the ballpark of a low six-figure range. Whatever this number is, she will be paid it per movie in this multimillion-dollar pact with the streaming giant.

The salary for Addison Rae in He’s All That was determined before Netflix got in the picture as the company had acquired global rights from Miramax. The multipicture deal is said to be nonexclusive, meaning that the star can do other projects with other studios. The deal reportedly has no set number of films to be made to satisfy the deal. While not much is known about said movies for the Netflix deal, Addison Rae will star and executive produce the projects.

Addison Rae is a huge TikTok star. She currently has amassed over 84 million followers with over five billion likes on her videos since she started being active on the platform in 2019. Since taking off due to her dancing videos, she dropped out of college at Louisiana State University to pursue her career in Los Angeles. According to Forbes, she is the highest-earning star on TikTok out of the seven stars featured in the article, bringing in approximately $5 million a year through the various deals that she makes through sponsorships.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Addison Rae was attached to the Hype House, a collective of TikTok stars. It included her and Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, along with other known stars. Now, the collection of remaining creators are teaming up with Netflix for an unscripted reality series that will be produced by Wheelhouse Group. The series will consist of  Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Sienna Mae Gomez, Chase Hudson, Larri Merritt, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, and Jack Wright.

Partnering with her mother, Addison Rae has a Spotify Original podcast called Mama Knows Best that comes out with a new episode every Monday. The 20-year-old and her mother, Sheri Nicole will discuss and give advice on various topics including dating, family-related issues, and drama from friends.

addison rae

On top of millions of TikTok followers, a popular podcast, movies, and sponsored deals from major companies, Addison Rae has her own makeup company. Item Beauty sets itself as cruelty-free with products that are both good for your skin and the planet with its stance of being environmentally friendly.

On August 27, Netflix released the gender-swapped remake of She’s All That with He’s All That. The remake of the 1999 film is directed by Mark Waters (Magic Camp) and written by R. Lee Fleming Jr. (She’s All That). It stars Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai), and Madison Pettis (Five Points). Rachel Leigh Cook (Perception) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo) starred in the original and have returned as different characters.