Adam Scott Confronts Cast Of Classic Sitcom After 30 Years

Adam Scott was a guest on Pod Meets World, sharing with the stars of Boy Meets World an on-set incident he's carried with him for 30 years.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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It took Adam Scott 30 years, but he finally gained closure from an incident dating back to one of his earliest roles on Boy Meets World. Deadline reports that the star was a recent guest on Pod Meets World, hosted by Danielle Fishel “(Topanga Lawrence), Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), and Will Friedle (Eric Matthews), when he confronted his tormentor over the horrible incident he suffered on the set of the classic show. Scott was not one of the main cast members, only appearing four times as Griffin Hawkins, but that did not mean he deserved to be treated poorly by the show’s stars.

Adam Scott in Boy Meets World

The traumatic incident happened to Adam Scott in 1995, just after the season 2 finale for Boy Meets World had finished filming. Celebrating the success of another amazing season, the mostly young cast erupted into cheers and applause on the set. It was then, giddy with joy over being part of one of the highest-rated shows of the 90’s, that Scott tried to join in the celebration, a mistake that would haunt him for decades.

Under the searing studio lights, Adam Scott, future major television star, attempted to share a moment of triumph with a then-current major television star, Rider Strong. At the time, Strong was one of the hottest teen actors on the planet, gracing the covers of magazines with his amazing haircut that was, for some reason, immensely popular in the 90’s. Scott walked towards one of the stars of the show, and went for a high-five followed by a hug.

Adam Scott’s high-five was rebuffed, as Strong broke one of Barney Stinson‘s Bro Code tenets from How I Met Your Mother, by leaving Scott hanging. Failing to acknowledge a high-five is not okay, it’s an affront to the very concept of friendship and not something that should ever be done in public. Alas, that was merely the start of the humiliation soon to be experienced by the Severance star.

Rider Strong’s Shawn Hunter being confronted by bullies in Boy Meets World

Adam Scott was pushed back and to the left by Rider Strong, a physical rebuff denying a celebratory hug right after already leaving a high-five hanging. To add insult to injury, Scott says that after the push, Strong’s face made it clear that the future Cabin Fever star did not recognize him. Imagine spending days, weeks even, on the same set as one of your heroes, sharing lines and laughs, only for them to have no idea who you are?

After relating his story, laying bare his soul to the hosts of the podcast, Adam Scott told them that “literally, this has been bugging me for 29 years.” In his defense, Rider Strong could claim that he did not recall the moment and wondered, “Why would I do that?” While the segment ended in laughter among everyone assembled, it’s fun to imagine that a small part of Scott felt rebuffed again by Strong, and will spend another 30 years plotting revenge.

While he was big-timed by Rider Strong, Adam Scott can’t feel bad given the current trajectory of his career, which is like a stock and is going nowhere but up. His role as Mark Scout on Severance has led to multiple major nominations for the Emmys and Golden Globes, with a fourth season set to arrive soon. In addition, unlike Strong, Scott will soon have a role in a major superhero film, Sony’s upcoming Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.