Adam Sandler Is Secretly Working On A Serious Drama?

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

adam sandler

For anyone who has not seen one of the more serious roles from Adam Sandler, the man is quite fantastic in them. He is not just known to be a slapstick comedic actor, but he can portray a serious role when needed. This was proven by his time appearing in the film Uncut Gems. Though he was never nominated, many believed that he should have been nominated for Best Actor for his role as Howard Ratner in the film. Ben Safdie and John Safdie wrote and directed the film, which became a huge critical success. Now it has been rumored that all three of them are working together on a new film. Per an article on Indiewire, “Sources tell me Sandler and the Safdies are already cooking up another project.”

That is some fantastic news considering how underrated Uncut Gems truly was. The film currently holds a 92% “certified fresh” critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but this film was the first time in which Adam Sandler smashed through a film and showed just how amazing of an actor he was. Per the Indiewire column, “[Sandler] at a turning point in his career, that he needed the Safdie brothers and “Uncut Gems” as much as they and the project needed him.” That is certainly true. The story for Uncut Gems was that the Safdie brothers were trying to get this film made some ten years previously than it was made, and it was Sandler’s manager that said it was a bad idea. For some reason, the script did not seem like the type that would benefit his career. The comedian spoke about this story on the Conan O’Brien talk show. You can see the video below:

Thankfully Adam Sandler was finally cast in the film because his performance was spectacular. However, he was snubbed from at least being nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. What is exciting was that he was close to being nominated if that counts for anything. The Safdie brothers are clearly great filmmakers and knew that Sandler would be spectacular in their film. If they waited 10 years to make that happen, they knew something the rest of the world didn’t, and that was Sandler was going to be amazing. He surely was, and now it appears as if they are reuniting for another drama. Hopefully, this upcoming project will be the one that gets the comedian an Oscar nomination.

There is nothing else known about this potential partnership other than Adam Sandler will be cast in the main role, we are sure. Uncut Gems is a spectacular example of not putting people into a category and leaving them. While Sandler became famous for slapstick comedies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, he has proven plenty of times that he is a great actor. He was fantastic in Punch-Drunk Love and Reign Over Me as well. Both those films showed a much different side of the actor, with Reign Over Me is more of an example of how he can seem like a tortured soul. Uncut Gems just further proved that Sandler can be taken seriously as an actor, and hopefully, this new film will prove that even further. We look forward to seeing what the Safdie brothers have in store for Sandler and his award-chasing future.