Adam Driver’s Next Movie Is Delayed

Adam Driver's next sci-fi film, the prehistoric 65, has been pushed back one week, so as not to compete with Scream 6.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

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Adam Driver’s latest sci-fi outing, 65, has been pushed back by one week. The Kylo Ren actor revealed that the highly anticipated film, produced by Columbia Pictures, is now set to be released in theaters March 17, 2023, according to a report from Movieweb. The initial release date was set at March 10, putting the film in direct competition with Scream 6, which opens that day. The film has been in production for several years now, first announced back in 2020, so a few extra days on the calendar probably won’t be a breaking point for eager fans.

65 is a futuristic sci-fi film that follows a catastrophic crash through space and time, landing Adam Driver’s Mills stranded on a prehistoric earth, inhabited by dinosaurs and other perils, as he struggles to survive and find his way home. The film’s long production period left many fans wondering when it would finally arrive on screen, if ever, especially after COVID delays forced the movie into an extra-long production period. Finally, after years of waiting, a trailer was released online recently which depicts Driver’s thrilling performance alongside giant monsters of the Jurassic period.

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Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

Adam Driver became a household name back in 2015 portraying Kylo Ren in the J.J. Abrams-led Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and has since gone on to work with legendary writers, directors, and performers such as Spike Lee, Noah Baumbach, and Lady Gaga. Driver has garnered a reputation for his excellent dramatic acting, as well as his comedy chops, landing him in leading roles in deeply serious films as well as comedically inclined guest spots on shows such as Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 65 will of course not be Driver’s first foray into the science fiction genre, having played the main antagonist through the entirety of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

The first trailer from 65 paints a picture of a crossroads between Jurassic Park and Planet of the Apes, but Adam Driver promises to have more in store for us than a run-of-the-mill time travel thriller, reconciling a man of the future with advanced technology with the world-shifting power of living dinosaurs. Some have taken to the web to liken the film’s gritty aesthetic to that of the hit video game Ark: Survival Evolved, in which the player builds and expands from crude hunter-gatherer tools to advanced mech suits while cohabitating an island bursting at the seams with prehistoric creatures.

65 is helmed by the writing and directing duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who are most known for writing the Quiet Place movies. The film is also rumored to utilize real-world military tactics from Adam Driver’s time served in the Marines. This is one of three Adam Driver-led movies currently in post-production and set to arrive in theaters in 2023, the other two being Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis and Ferrari, so we’ll be seeing a lot of Driver’s trademark pensive performance this coming year.