Our Adam Driver Marvel Scoop Confirmed, Star In Talks For Fantastic Four

Adam Driver is joining Marvel's Fantastic Four, confirming our exclusive reporting.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

adam driver

Our trusted and proven sources got another exclusive report correct, as Comic Book Resources confirmed Adam Driver is in talks to join Marvel’s original superhero team, The Fantastic Four. At the time, we speculated it was for the role of Doctor Doom, Marvel’s greatest villain and someone that fans have been begging to see join the MCU. The most recent report has new details since we reported on it in 2022, with word that he’s in the lead for the role of Reed Richards.

Played by John Krasinski in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the main MCU version of Marvel’s Smartest Man will debut in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Since the Jack Ryan star confirmed his role was a one-and-done appearance, fan speculation has run rampant, with different actors reportedly in the mix over the last few months. From Dev Patel becoming the front-runner to Glenn Howerton tossing his name into the ring, Reed Richards is one of the hottest roles in Hollywood, and now Adam Driver might fill Marvel’s stretchiest role.

Adam Driver lapping around Dev Patel for a plum spot with Marvel isn’t entirely unexpected, considering the star’s past relationship with Disney‘s Star Wars franchise. Driver brought Kylo Ren to life in the latest trilogy and was praised by critics and fans as one of the few bright spots in those films. Given his ability to elevate somewhat shoddy writing and how he can stretch a role to be both comedic, menacing, and sympathetic, the MCU could use his talents these days.

adam driver

The Fantastic Four has a spotty record on the big screen, from the famous 90s film that allegedly wasn’t officially made to hold onto the license to FOX’s multiple versions with stars ranging from Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, and Chris Evans to Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. Given how big each of those stars has become in the years since it’s almost impressive that the films were flops. Whether he’s the hero or the villain, Adam Driver will have a lot of work to do to make fans forget the non-Marvel Cinematic Universe Josh Trank-directed disaster.

None of the cast has been confirmed as of yet, but potentially joining Adam Driver is Mila Kunis, spotted two months ago having coffee with Matt Shankman, director of Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie. The pair as Reed Richards and Sue Storm sounds like great casting to us, though that still leaves Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm open. More so than any other superhero team, the Fantastic Four is supposed to be a family first, making chemistry between the leads more important than, by point of comparison, Thunderbolts.

If the speculation is wrong and Adam Driver is instead playing Doctor Doom, then that’s even better, as the greatest villain in Marvel comics deserves an actor that will do him justice. The ruler of Latveria is hard to get right since he’s an insane megalomaniacal sorcerer technologist that loves his people yet hates Reed Richards for delightfully petty reasons, but if anyone can do it, it’s the man that brought life to Rise of Skywalker.

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