Actors Are Being Told To Stay Away From Warner Bros.

Things with the Warner Bros. Discovery merger are starting to hit a new low, as actors are now being told to stay away from the studio altogether.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The fallout from the Warner Bros. Discovery merger is starting to get far worse. The company decided to cancel a ton of shows and films, leaving many to wonder what the fallout from the moves would be. On top of the company losing $3.4 billion since merging, there are now reports that are stating that actors are being told to completely stay away from the studio. This has a lot to do with CEO David Zaslav cutting programs without any notice at all. He also must cut around $3 billion from the studio’s budget, so that could mean even more cuts are going to happen soon.

For some odd reason, David Zaslav thought it would be a good idea to begin randomly cutting shows and films from the lineup of Warner Bros. Some 30 shows were removed without notice, leaving the consensus that anything could be cut next. These drastic moves led to a drop in value for the company, ultimately leading to worry that anyone who would be employed by the studio could lose their job at any moment. It appears that talent agencies are now warning actors to completely stay away from booking any parts that are even remotely related to Warner Bros. Once the decision to cut Batgirl out of existence happened, it caused a ripple effect that will negatively affect WBD for the foreseeable future.

HBO Max had been one of the most exciting new streaming apps that had come out in recent memory, and now Warner Bros. is completely getting rid of it. Well, that’s to say that it is being combined with Discovery+, but that move signified that Zaslav could be wanting to focus more on unscripted reality shows. That is basically what Discovery+’s programming is comprised of. There also were rumors that some 80% of the developmental staff would be let go. That rumor has not yet been confirmed, but with all these recent questionable moves, it is likely not far off from the truth.

Even DC has been hit hard by Warner Bros., as many of the upcoming DCEU projects could still be in danger. One of the most anticipated was the J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Bruce Timm-produced Batman series was canceled. This series is called Batman: Caped Crusader, and it was set to revamp the entire origin story of DC’s best character. However, it is now being shopped by other streaming companies. The big money makers for WB are still safe, which includes The Batman and Joker sequels, but everything else seems to be fair game to be canceled.

We are not sure what is going to happen with Warner Bros., but we do know that David Zaslav might find himself needing a new job if more of these random moves are made, as they seem to have doomed the company. Actors being told not to seek work for the studio could cause even bigger issues moving forward. It is a bit sad, as Warner Bros. was once one of the most premiere places to work.