Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Ultraviolent Hit Sequel Is Surging On Netflix

Kick-Ass 2 starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been a surprise streaming hit on Netflix

By Chad Langen | Updated

In addition to starring opposite Brad Pitt in David Leitch’s Bullet Train and headlining the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Kraven the Hunter, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is also close to locking down the part of James Bond in the newest iteration of the character, according to our trusted and proven sources. With all that said, it’s nice to see that fans are continuing to show love to some of the actor’s earlier work. Flix Patrol is reporting that Kick-Ass 2, the extremely violent follow-up to the 2010 superhero hit Kick-Ass, is currently one of the top ten movies on Netflix.

Arriving in theaters in 2013, Kick-Ass 2 follows the story of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who decides to join a group of self-made superheroes to fight crime and evil in their city. However, when a new villain named The Mother F***** (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) arises, the group must band together once again to defeat him and his gang. The film is based on the comic book series of the same name by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Along with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kick-Ass 2 features a great ensemble cast, including Chloë Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey, Morris Chestnut, Clark Duke, Donald Faison, John Leguizamo, Lindy Booth, and Augustus Prew. The chemistry between the cast is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the film. Plus, Carrey delivers a standout performance as Colonel Stars and Stripes, bringing a level of gravitas and humor to his role.

Matthew Vaughn, who directed the first Kick-Ass movie, was unable to return to direct the sequel due to other commitments. As a result, Jeff Wadlow was brought on board to direct the film. Although he worked closely with Vaughn to ensure the follow-up stayed true to the tone and style of the original, Wadlow couldn’t quite capture the charm of the first movie. While Kick-Ass earned rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike, the sequel received a mixed reception.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Kick-Ass 2 has rotten score of 32 percent from professional critics. Meanwhile, the film was slightly better received by viewers, with an audience score of 57 percent. Not surprisingly, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz were praised for their performances, and their delightful onscreen chemistry helped to carry the film through to the end credits.

Despite being highly anticipated by fans prior to its release, Kick-Ass 2 was a box office disappointment, grossing a mere $60 million globally on a budget of $28 million. The film’s underperformance was largely attributed to the controversy surrounding Jim Carrey’s public denouncement of the movie’s violence, which led to some fans boycotting the film. Nevertheless, the movie has since gained a cult following on home video and streaming platforms.

Although Kick-Ass 3 has been rumored to be on the way for years, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has confirmed on multiple occasions that there are no plans for a third entry in the ultraviolent superhero franchise. Considering the 32-year-old actor is in extremely high demand right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if Johnson has moved on from the role of the wetsuit-wearing superhero entirely. Of course, we’re hoping that isn’t the case, and it’s quite likely the actor has left the door open for a possible return to the role in the future should the opportunity arise.