Director Of Nicolas Cage’s Best Movie Is Making A Quiet Place Spinoff

By Doug Norrie | 12 seconds ago

quiet place spinoff

When A Quiet Place hit the big screen a few years ago, it really took the film world by storm. Considering its ambitious undertaking, to basically go about things in complete silence, it was a very cool vision that was executed nearly perfectly. Yet for as interesting a plot device as it employed, I don’t think many saw it becoming a full-fledged franchise. But that’s what we have now with a sequel coming out this past year and now A Quiet Place spinoff in the works as well. And the latter already has a real talent attached with The Hollywood Reporter letting on that Michael Sarnoski will be taking the reins in the director’s chair. 

Michael Sarnoski will direct the A Quiet Place spinoff after helming the Nicolas Cage film Pig last year. That movie, about a reclusive former chef-turned-truffle hunter who has to track down the prized pig he uses for the endeavor. The flick was universally praised by critics for its tone and sense of emotional gravity around what could be a very silly premise. But Sarnoski handled it perfectly, giving way to Cage’s oddball sensibilities that end up completely working for the film. It’s a great sign for this upcoming A Quiet Place spinoff that they have an up-and-coming talent attached. 

The A Quiet Place spinoff won’t be a direct sequel to either of the movies we already have in this universe, but will instead involve a different story in that world. Of course, this is a world in which an alien species with some serious, serious listening skills can track down and kill humans with even the slightest sound. It was a terrifying premise when first posited in the original movie, setting up a landscape where even the slightest misstep could mean a violent and deadly end. This new movie will take place in the same world, but will presumably center on a different group of characters and how they are working toward survival. 

John Krasinski Emily Blunt

This A Quiet Place spinoff will look to capitalize on the overwhelming success of the first two movies. The original one, directed by and starring John Krasinki along with real-life wife Emily Blunt was one of the true movie successes in recent memory. On just a $17 million budget, it earned more than $350 million at the box office. And the sequel, A Quiet Place II turned in solid numbers as well, releasing this past summer in May. Despite theaters still not operating at full capacity, the sequel turned in almost $300 million though the budget was ramped up to around $60 million for the second installment. 

And this A Quiet Place spinoff is apparently stemming from a story that John Krasinski conceived of in this universe. Considering he wrote the scripts for the first two movies, it stands to reason he’ll have a big hand in what comes up with this next movie. There is currently no set timeline for the spinoff movie, but it could begin to open up even more stories in this world.