A Quiet Place Spinoff Gets A Title That Reveals A Terrible Decision

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

a quiet place

In one of the odder announcements from CinemaCon, the next A Quiet Place film has officially been announced. A sequel to this film would have been the right direction to go, and it would have excited quite a lot of fans. However, the new film in this new fan-favorite horror franchise is going to be a prequel. The new film is titled A Quiet Place: Day One, which you can all guess has everything to do with what happens when the monsters in the film first arrive on the planet. Even odder is that this film is not going to be helmed by John Krasinski. This is not the announcement that most were looking to hear about in relation to the A Quiet Place franchise.

A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II were masterfully written. The films showed a dystopian society unlike any other that has been shown before. At least in the way that it was delivered. The first film follows the Abbott family, as they learn to stay quiet in a world populated by vicious monsters that attack through sound. The first film was full of dramatic moments, even though the characters are mostly using Sign Language as their way of communicating. If you have not seen A Quiet Place or A Quiet Place Part II, stop reading this immediately, as it contains spoilers from here on out. The second chapter upped the drama by showing the family having to survive without Lee Abbott (John Krasinski), as he sacrificed himself to save his children in the first film. Even more so Evelyn (Emily Blunt) now has a baby to take care of, and as we all know, babies love to cry. Both films truly made this world seem frightening to the highest degree.

A Quiet Place Part II
L-r, Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) brave the unknown in “A Quiet Place Part II.”

Now, it appears as if this new prequel film will change things up and focus more on the opening events of the first film. A Quiet Place Part II opened with Lee Abbott and his children out at a baseball game when the meteors that contain these aliens fall to Earth. Chaos immediately erupts and the townsfolk in the film are mercilessly killed by the dozens. It was a truly horrific sight. Now A Quiet Place: Day One will likely show more of the world crumbling as these aliens come crashing down on our unsuspecting planet. The film is set to be directed by Michael Sarnoski, who famously directed the Nicolas Cage indie breakout, Pig. That is a wonderful film but adding a prequel film to this original franchise sounds like a terrible idea.

A Quiet Place Part III is still going to be helmed by John Krasinski, but we are far off from seeing the sequel film. As of right now, the sequel is aiming for a 2025 release. However, it appears as if the prequel film that was just announced will be crashing on Earth sometime in 2023. Horror films that often overstay their welcome involve a more expanded universe in terms of prequels and sequels that no one asked for. A Quiet Place has been special in that the first films connected well. The third is meant to sum things up, as it should. However, now we all must see how the franchise is going to be altered with a prequel film.