27 Exclusive Stories We’ve Broken In 2023 So Far

You heard it here first! These are 27 exclusive stories GFR broke in 2023 that have already been confirmed.

By Erika Hanson | Published

GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT just celebrated its 27th confirmed exclusive report this year, and we’re only getting started. Just 19 weeks into 2023, that is more than one confirmed report a week from our trusted and proven sources. 

GFR finished the year strong in 2022, with our track record for breaking exclusives higher than ever. This year, we continue that trend bringing you the news you want before anyone else. Here is every single confirmed exclusive we have brought you this year…so far.

Stephen Amell Back As Oliver Queen In The Flash

stephen amell the flash

Just one day after GFR exclusively broke the news that Stephen Amell would be returning to The CW’s Arrowverse in the final season of The Flash, the network confirmed our report. Amell reprised his row as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow one last time in episode 9 of Flash’s final season. The episode, titled “It’s My Party, and I’ll Die if I Want To” aired on April 26, but we were the first to announce the exciting news about the well-received comeback.

Michael B. Jordan Cast In Rainbow Six

We were the first to report that Michael B. Jordan was in talks to star in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, reprising his role as John Clark from 2021’s Without Remorse. Earlier this year, Paramount confirmed our exclusive. The upcoming film will be directed by Chad Stahleski of John Wick fame, but is still in the early stages and there remains to be no release date.

Patrick Stewart In Talks to Return As Professor X For Deadpool 3

We were excited to see his return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and even more ecstatic to first bring our viewers the news that Patrick Stewart was in talks to reprise his role as Charles Xavier again for Deadpool 3. The actor confirmed our exclusive himself during an interview just a few months ago, saying he was told to “stand by” when asked if he would be back. 

How To Train Your Dragon Getting A Live-Action Movie

GFR exclusively reported that DreamWork’s beloved How To Train Your Dragon franchise was making a comeback, this time with a live-action adaptation. Within weeks, the movie was confirmed. Director Dean DeBlois will be back to helm the film, which is set for a March 14, 2025 release. No cast announcements have been made as of yet, but casting is now underway.

John Wesley Shipp’s The Flash Return

Not only was GFR the first to report Stephen Amell’s Arrowverse return, but we also were the first to find out about John Wesley Shipp’s return in The Flash. Four months ago, we got the scoop that Shipp – famous for portraying Barry Allen in the 90s Flash series and Barry’s father/a variant Flash in the smash CW series – would reprise that role one more time for Flash’s final season. 

Jack Kesy Cast As Hellboy For Reboot Movie

Ron Perlman and Stranger Thing’s David Harbour portrayed him in the past, but now, Hollywood’s up-and-coming Jack Kesy will play the half-demon superhero. Our trusted and proven sources informed us of the casting, and our original report was confirmed soon after. The reboot film Hellboy: The Crooked Man is still in the early stages, with no release date announced.

Henry Cavill’s Discussion To Play New Character In The DCU

After news of Henry Cavill’s ousting as Superman shocked the world, GFR was the first to learn that the actor might still be part of the new DCU. We reported that James Gunn had discussed the possibility of Cavill taking a role as another DC character. Weeks later, the DC studios co-CEO confirmed our report via social media, although to this date, no news on whether or not Cavill has accepted a new role has been revealed. 

Jon Bernthal Reprising His Role As The Punisher In The MCU

It was almost a year ago that we exclusively broke the news that Jon Bernthal would return as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher for the upcoming Disney+ Daredevil: Born Again show. At the beginning of this March, that report was officially confirmed, and the star appears just as excited as we are for his triumphant Marvel return.

Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars Movie Canceled

The Star Wars franchise has been in turmoil in the uncertain years following the disappointing sequel trilogy. While many of the announced projects remained in a state of limbo, GFR was the first to announce that Patty Jenkins’ planned Star Wars movie was axed. We first reported this news over a year ago, and that original report was confirmed months ago, along with the cancelation of Kevin Feige’s Star Wars film.

James Spader Returning As Ultron For Armor Wars

With Phase 5 opening seamlessly endless possibilities for character returns in the MCU, plenty of speculation about who could come back have emerged. We broke the news that James Spader would reprise his role as the Avengers villain, Ultron, specifically in Armor Wars at the beginning of 2023.

Andrew Garfield To Play Frankenstein’s Monster In Guillermo del Toro Netflix Adaptation

GFR exclusively reported that Andrew Garfield was cast in del Toro’s upcoming project as the iconic monster brought to life by Dr. Frankenstein. That report was confirmed by major media outlets nearly one month after our initial report. Oscar Isaac’s casting as Dr. Frankenstein has also been confirmed, though the adaptation has no release date as of yet.

Gattaca TV Series Coming To Showtime

Shortly after we suggested that the beloved cult sci-fi film Gattaca starring Ethan Hawke was ripe for a TV reboot, we were the first to announce that the movie was in fact being rebooted for a series at Showtime. Proving the reliability of our sources yet again, that exclusive was later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. Homeland’s Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa will head the dystopian revival.

Barry Keoghan Cast In Gladiator 2

Hot off his acclaimed performance in The Banshees of Inisherin, we broke the news that Barry Keoghan would be joining the cast in the highly anticipated Gladiator sequel from Ridley Scott. We learned that the actor would portray the film’s antagonist, and it was soon after confirmed that the star would portray the villainous Emperor Geta.

Margot Robbie Safe In James Gunn DCU

Soon after James Gunn took over at DC Studios, GFR was the first to report that Margot Robbie would be the only existing DC actor with a certain future in the new James Gunn universe. Months later, Gunn confirmed our news himself, announcing that he would work with Robbie again sometime in the future.

Liv Tyler Returning To Marvel In Captain America 4

We may never see Edward Norton go full Hulk mode ever again, but another familiar face from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk is returning to the MCU, and you heard about it here first. More than seven months ago, GFR ran an exclusive that Liv Tyler would reprise her role as Betty Ross in Captain America: New World Order. Last month, that casting news was made official.

Kevin Bacon Joins MaXXXine

We brought you the news that Kevin Bacon would make his return to the horror genre for MaXXXine before anyone else this past February. The studio behind the upcoming sequel to X confirmed our exclusive themselves when A24 shared a teaser confirming cast members to social media.

Daisy Ridley Reprising Her Role As Rey In A New Star Wars film

Love or hate her, GFR was the first to announce that Daisy Ridley was not yet done with Rey Skywalker in 2022. Seven months ago, we broke the news that Ridley would be the star of an upcoming film in the Star Wars franchise. Last month at the Star Wars Celebration in London, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed our news, announcing the movie would focus on Rey building a new Jedi Order.

Stranger Things Animated Spin-Off Coming To Netflix

The gang from Hawkins that we’ve come to love may soon be splitting up with the final season of Stranger Things on the way, but an animated spin-off was recently confirmed, and GFR had the scoop on that news first, more than a year ago. The upcoming series comes from the talented duo behind the flagship series, The Duffer Brothers, but there is still no word on when we can expect to be able to binge the upcoming cartoon.

Conjuring Television Series In The Works


Two years ago, we exclusively reported that a tv show based on The Conjuring Universe was in the works. Just weeks ago, Warner Bros. Discovery backed up our initial report, confirming that a series will be coming to the streamer, Max. Peter Safran will return to produce the upcoming show, and James Wan is rumored to return to executive produce.

RoboCop Series In Development At Amazon

RoboCop fans have been dying for a reboot as good as the original 1987 cult sci-fi RoboCop film after the 2014 reboot failed to impress. We were excited to break the news that the cop-turned-cyborg would be back in action soon, this time in the form of a tv series. Within weeks, our exclusive was confirmed.

Clint Eastwood Directing His Final Movie, Juror #2

GFR was the first to break the bittersweet news that the legendary Clint Eastwood would be directing his final movie. We learned that this film was titled Juror #2 and we also reported that Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette would star in the legal drama. Two weeks later, our scoops were confirmed to be dead on once again. 

Adam Driver In finals Talks To Join Marvel’s Fantastic Four Movie

Rumors have swirled for quite some time as to who would be cast as the new Fantastic Four team in the MCU’s upcoming reboot. However, GFR was the first to report last year that Adam Driver was in negotiations to join the film. While the Star Wars star hasn’t come out and confirmed the news yet, what has been confirmed is that Driver is indeed close to making a deal to join the franchise and take over as Reed Richards in the upcoming movie. 

Linda Cardellini Voices Lylla The Otter In Guardians Vol. 3

Before anyone knew who would voice Rocket’s friend Lylla the Otter in Guardians 3, we exclusively reported that it was Marvel alum Linda Cardellini, who has portrayed Hawkeye’s wife, Laura Barton. Just a few weeks after we broke the news, James Gunn confirmed our scoop, announcing Cardellini’s role on his Twitter account.

Sydney Chandler Cast As Lead For Alien Series

An Alien television series has been planned for FX/Hulu for what seems like forever, and we were excited to learn developments have pushed the project forward, as GFR was the first to report the series has found its lead in Sydney Chandler. Within days, our exclusive was confirmed by major media outlets, and we are excited to see where the Hollywood newcomer takes the sci-fi franchise.

Blair Witch Movie In Development

Just weeks ago, we were the first to report that the renowned 1999 found footage film The Black Witch Project was being rebooted. At the beginning of May, our report that Oliver Park was working on a new film in the franchise was confirmed. As we wait for more news on the upcoming film, we hope that the untitled film will invoke the feelings from the original movie, and stray away from what the disastrous follow-up films from 2000 and 2016.

Karl Urban Cast As Johnny Cage For Mortal Kombat 2

Karl Urban has been gaining steam in Hollywood thanks to his portrayal of the cocky antihero Billy Butcher in Amazon’s smash hit The Boys. We were pleased to exclusively announce that Urban was joining the cast of Mortal Kombat 2 in a role perfectly suited for the actor: Johnny Cage. Days ago, that announcement was confirmed, and we can’t wait to see Urban’s portrayal of the video game character brought to life in the upcoming film.

Justin Theroux Joins The Cast Of Beetlejuice 2

The host with the most is back to grace us with his presence once again on the big screen, and GFR has been the first to bring you all the latest news on Beetlejuice 2. In our most recent confirmed exclusive, we were the first to report that Justin Theroux was cast in the upcoming Tim Burton sequel in an undisclosed role.