10 Star Trek Movies Are No Longer Available To Stream, At All

All 10 Star Trek movies from The Original Series and The Next Generation era have disappeared from Paramount+.

By James Brizuela | Published

If you were planning on kicking back and streaming most of the Star Trek movies that were on Paramount+, you might have signed into your account to find that is no longer possible. For some odd reason, 10 movies from The Original Series and The Next Generation era have now been completely removed from the streaming platform, leaving only the Star Trek reboot from 2009 and its sequel.

This random occurrence has happened before, as the Star Trek movies had left Paramount+ to head over to AMC, though that was reverted to Paramount. The usual case is that licensing deals fall through, or another streaming service picks up a deal to nab a franchise. What is even odder is that this disappearance is also only affecting the United States version of the streaming app.

star trek next generation cast

Paramount+ is the home to Picard, which is set to start its third season in February of next year. The trailer showcases some familiar faces that were all part of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, leaving many fans of the franchise to get quite excited about the reunion of arguably the best crew. It would make sense for Paramount+ to keep all Star Trek movies to complement the new season of Picard, but things have now gone the opposite way.

The disappearance of all these Star Trek movies could just be a licensing issue, as previously mentioned, which would mean that Paramount+ is going to have to fork over more money to ensure that it stays the home of the franchise. However, fans might now be a bit upset with learning that they can no longer binge-watch all the feature films. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Beyond were the only two movies that had not been on the streaming app, but now everything else has joined those two in limbo.

We could speculate that Paramount+ might have also removed the Star Trek movies to dos something special with them. We know that Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Director’s Cut was available to stream, though it has since been removed along with the other feature films. However, could it be that Paramount is planning on re-releasing all the movies with their respective director’s cuts?

That is a bit of a stretch, as the Star Trek-loving world might have been keen on finding information that these films were going to have some sort of re-release, still, it is quite bizarre that 10 Star Trek movies were taken off Paramount+ with no warning. Hopefully, the movies are going to be picked up by another streaming service soon, or they will return to Paramount+ in the coming weeks, as there are bound to be plenty of angry Trekkies contacting customer service.

For now, the Star Trek movies that are left to stream on Paramount+ are Star Trek from 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Granted, we know there are a ton of people that would prefer to see the era of TOS and TNG, but at least there are two movies left from this random purge.