See Zoe Saldana’s Many Lovely Looks Of The Summer

Yo go Gamora!

By Matthew Creith | Published

zoe saldana

Actor Zoe Saldana has seen her career reach new heights with almost every role she plays on film. Starting in independent features that morphed into playing characters seen in the highest-grossing films in cinematic history, Saldana has enjoyed her time as a ferocious protagonist in movies like Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy. She is also well known for her style and grace offscreen, with Women’s Health reporting on her no-makeup looks and glowing skin. Now, it appears that Zoe Saldana may be offering another glimpse into her daily life as she has posted a series of photos to social media showing off her many kissy faces.

In Zoe Saldana’s post to Instagram this week, the Star Trek actor shows off a ton of looks just in time for the conclusion of summer. Crafting a caption that reflects Saldana’s many faces throughout the summer season, she posted a plethora of photos for her more than 9 million followers to see, with over 153,000 likes so far. Appearing in very cheeky pictures that seem to be taken at various times throughout the season, Saldana appears to not want summer to end just yet and comments that the season is still ongoing. Her time in the sun may be cut short due to her hectic schedule, which will become more active in the coming months.

According to Zoe Saldana’s IMDb page, her work as an actor in high-profile projects is not slowing down anytime soon, as she is set to promote the much anticipated Avatar sequel. Avatar: The Way of Water will premiere in theaters on December 16th, and Saldana will be busy discussing her role as Gamora in James Gunn’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which comes out around the same time. But that’s not all, as the actor is starring in a new Netflix miniseries alongside Eugenio Mastrandrea called From Scratch, which also debuts this October. The 44 year old New Jersey native has taken center stage as the leading voice in cinematic blockbusters as of late, and her time in the sun is not fading any time soon.

Avatar: The Way of Water is only one of several sequels Zoe Saldana filmed for director James Cameron as part of the Avatar franchise. The original film debuted in 2009 and became the highest-grossing movie of all time, next to Cameron’s other epic, Titanic. Since then, Avengers: Endgame has tried to take the top spot, featuring Saldana in her reprisal of Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks Avatar as Certified Fresh with an 82% rating on its Tomatometer and Audience Score. All of Cameron’s sequels have been in the works for years, with Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington returning to the roles they originated in the initial installment. Kate Winslet joined the Avatar: The Way of Water cast after working with Cameron on the Academy Award-winning Best Picture, Titanic. Here’s hoping that Zoe Saldana finds some time in the sun to rest before gearing up for awards season this year.