YouTube’s Richest Stars Are Being Evicted From Their Mansion

By Charlene Badasie | 2 weeks ago

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Although YouTube star Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall of TikTok fame in a highly-publicized boxing match last month, things are still looking a little bleak for the Ace Family. The social media star and his wife Catherine Paiz have been facing mounting legal and financial troubles from business ventures gone wrong.

And now, in an unfortunate turn of events, they also face foreclosure on their Los Angeles home. According to various reports (via Dirt) and confirmed by property records, the YouTube family’s extravagant Woodland Hills mansion has entered pre-foreclosure, because the couple failed to make mortgage payments in early 2021.

In late May, the couple’s lender filed a Notice of Default on the property, which is technically owned by a company called Ace Hat Collection. Per the California Secretary of State, Catherine (whose legal name is Dolores McBroom) is Ace Hat Collection’s president, while Austin is the company’s vice president.

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For anyone who doesn’t know, The Ace family rose to fame in 2016 after Austin and Catherine started a YouTube vlog featuring various pranks they would play on each other. Later, they began blogging about their day-to-day life and incorporated parenting advice into their videos.

Together with their three young children, the couple uses humor to entertain their viewers and became very successful, earning more than 5 million dollars per year during the peak of their YouTube career. However, their success has been marred by rumors about Austin’s infidelity, with some even claiming that the couple’s relationship is a facade.

Spanning almost two acres of land, the Ace Family estate is arguably the most lavish residence in the Woodland Hills area, which is a working-class community in the San Fernando Valley. In 2019, the YouTube stars paid $10.1 million for the property, which included two half-finished mansions with approximately 6000 square feet of living space. Records state that the pair financed their purchase with an $8.85 million mortgage.

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Paiz and McBroom subsequently spent an additional small fortune to complete construction on both structures and combine the two separate mansions into one supersized mega-mansion. Tax records aren’t clear about the home’s exact size, but it is reported to have 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

Interestingly, Austin has denied rumors that his YouTube-starring family is facing eviction. In an Instagram story, he said, “Ain’t nobody getting evicted, ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you see the haters say on the internet!” The denial came after alleged court documents circulated online after appearing on gossip message board Lipstick Alley. The documents were subsequently shared on Twitter by DefNoodles (who has since been suspended from the social media platform) and amassed nearly 4000 likes.

If the eviction reports are true, the YouTube couple still has an opportunity to discuss a new financial arrangement with their lender before the property enters full-blown foreclosure. But if those negotiations fail, Austin and Catherine face a possible public auction and eviction from what they have referred to as their “forever home.”