See Willa Holland Tanning In A White Bikini

Willa Holland reclines in France while wearing a white bikini.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Willa Holland is one of many actresses in Hollywood today that enjoyed a wildly successful career but is now looking at what comes next. In two photos the Arrow star shared on her Instagram account she can be seen relaxing on the south of France in a white bikini. After working since the age of 7, when she was discovered by Steven Spielberg, the 31-year old star deserves to take the time to figure out her next move.

Judging by the bikini photos, it’s no surprise that Willa Holland spent a lot of time as a model before landing her first big acting role on The O.C. in 2006. Taking over the role of Kaitlin Cooper from the departing Shailene Woodley, Holland was a main cast member during the Fox drama’s fourth and final season. While it was an initial ratings juggernaut, the Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson-led series quickly ran out of steam, but series creator Josh Schwartz had another concept in mind.

Following The O.C.’s cancellation Schwartz went on to develop Gossip Girl starring Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, and guest-starring Willa Holland. The role of Agnes Andrews wasn’t big, but it kept Holland involved in Hollywood and just served to bridge the gap before her most famous role arrived a few years later. No one knew in 2012 that Arrow, a CW show about a third-string DC hero, would go on to be one of the most influential shows in television history.

Willa Holland as Thea Queen in Arrow

Willa Holland played Thea Queen, the younger sister of Stephen Amell‘s Oliver Queen for the entire eight-year run. During the course of the show, Thea went from an innocent bystander to joining her brother as Speedy, a trained assassin skilled with the bow. After season six, Holland opted to leave the show in order to take some time for herself, a decision that makes sense given she had been working non-stop for the majority of her life.

In addition to the constant teen dramas (Arrow aired on the CW so it counts), Willa Holland also had parts in some major films. In addition to Legion, Holland was a major part of the underrated thriller remake Straw Dogs starring Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, and Alexander Skarsgard. Her most surprising role, and longest lasting, is as the voice of Aqua in the hit Kingdom Hearts series of action-RPGs by Square-Enix.

For the final two seasons of Arrow Willa Holland appeared sporadically before hanging up her quiver, and her acting career, in 2020. Since then the star took a few years off before returning to acting just a few weeks ago when cast in Dirty South (via Deadline). The upcoming crime-thriller stars Holland as a small-town bartender that runs up against the local crime boss when he tries to take over her family’s bar.

Dirty South stars Shane West as the out-of-towner that helps Willa Holland’s character against Dermot Mulroney’s small-town big shot. This is the first post-Arrow project for the gorgeous star and it doesn’t currently have a release date, but hopefully her acting break was relaxing and refreshing.