ADL Pushing To Get Tucker Carlson Fired, Fox News Responds

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson has said his share of controversial things in the past so it’s not all that uncommon for some group to be calling for his ouster. And that’s the current state of things for the Fox News commentator who has run afoul of the Anti Defamation League for comments he made on a recent broadcast. According to Deadline, the group is calling for his firing saying he is furthering an agenda of “white replacement theory” on the new station. 

Calls from the Anti Defamation League to have Fox News replace Tucker Carlson came after a segment that aired last Thursday. In it, he and fellow Fox commentator Mark Steyn are discussing voter rights and the governments’ recent decisions around laws concerning identification at voting venues. You can see the conversation in question below:

In this clip, Tucker Carlson and Steyn are discussing recent pushback to their views concerning the idea of “white replacement theory”. This is the contention forwarded, sometimes by white supremacist groups, that there is an active goal of replacing one race with another in terms of an overall population. Carlson and Steyn make mention of this and then push back on it, making a claim they are discussing a different topic. 

Tucker Carlson, in this spot is saying this issue around showing identification at polling places isn’t a racial issue but rather a voting issue. He and Steyn use first a comparison of Delta Airlines and requirements they have for those going on flights. They then use another comparison of a family unit and if others were brought into the family. It was these comments that sparked the outcry from the Anti Defamation League who contend their comparisons in this case were an advancement of the replacement theory. In their minds, this should be grounds for termination of Carlson on the network. 

The CEO of FoxCorp, Lachlan Murdoch responded to the Anti Defamation League’s call and said they had run a review of the comments made by Tucker Carlson. In their estimation, the commentator pushed back on white replacement theory by making the distinction between that specific thing and what he viewed as a voting issue. From this review, Fox apparently didn’t agree with the ADL’s assessment. 

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But the Anti Defamation League, even after the Fox response, is continuing to push forward the calls to have Tucker Carlson removed. They say the commentator was aware of the distinction he was making and it still pushed forward the theory to viewers, just in a more roundabout way. They may have reached something of a stalemate in the disagreement over his comments. 

It doesn’t look like Fox News will be following through with what the Anti Defamation League wants in having Tucker Carlson fired. He just recently signed a massive new, multi-year deal with the network so they have made a commitment to the guy for the long haul. But time will tell on this especially if there continues to be a public outcry about the commentator’s viewpoints.